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Videotape of man "assaulting" police officers

Subsonic Chronic

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Anyone else read this story? Apparently they showed the video on the news last night.

This guy was charged during Caribana with assaulting a police officer, yet on the video he gets beaten up unprovoked by 4 cops, shortly after trying to break up a fight.

Great timing with the release of this to the public, right when Fantino is saying squad-car video cameras are unecessary. And to boot, the guy was black, which doesn't look good in the face of all the racial profiling accusations. (Oh, but if we're to believe Fantino, there's no such thing as racial profiling, especially from the police.)
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seriously, great timing!

I'm all for in-car cameras for police, but I don't think they are without their faults. For one, the perspective of the camera is quite narrow, and can miss vital actions that occur out of its range, resulting in a skewed record of what actually happened.


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With the introduction of the in car cams, we can also look forward to Toronto finally getting recognition in all those FOX 'Caught On Tape' specials.
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The Kid

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I don't see why Fantino wouldn't want cameras in the cars... if anything it's to his benefit (assuming of course that there is no racial profiling, and uneccessary force being used by his officers)...

..what a wingnut.

judge wopner

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why wouldnt a cop want a camera in his cruiser?

well why wouldnt you want a camera on you at work all day, listening to your every word, every move, personal call, internet surfing etc etc.

its like being under a microscope and many cops feel like the actions of a few bad apples are resulting in tougher measures for all.

yes its their duty to serve and protect the public but we go down that slope of putting camera on any goverment employee then as by right they are there to serve the public so technically cant really object to having a camera on them to make sure they are doing their job.


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Most of the cameras in US police cars only go on when they are activated by the officer or the officer activates their siren and lights. It's not on while the 2 cops are talking about the under age girl they busted with some speed and let her off after they raped her. :eek:

Oh ya, another cop thread. Once again for those of you that don't know me. I HATE THE FUCKING COPS! LOL;)