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video game producers/design companies in toronto


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random question - is anyone here familiar with the gaming industry in toronto? i work in sound design and mixing for feature films and am interested in networking with some people to learn more about workflow, etc..

any links or advice would be much appreciated.


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Digital Extremes (UT, UT2K4, Pariah et al) has a studio here - originally from London, they expanded after UT2K4 released.

Ubisoft (too many to mention - you should know this name) is Montreal/Quebec.

Silicon Knights (Metal Gear Solid, Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem [a personal favorite]) is St. Catharines.

Digital Illusions CE (Battlefield 1942 & BF2) has a studio in London.

BioWare (Baldur's, KOTOR, NWN) is in Edmonton.

Honestly though, you can do freelance work and telecommute. From what I understand with some friends in the industry, you can make a killing as a contract sound engineer... sound eng is the red-headed stepchild of gamedev - at least a couple years ago when I still followed the industry, before I accepted that I didn't have the ninja for making games.

My friends said that good sound engies are few are far between in canadian dev, and they source that stuff out anyway, in most cases.

Good luck.
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Chubbs said:
Rockstar is up here I believe...
They are in Oakville.


Toronto Chapter

Toronto and the province of Ontario has a much bigger gaming presence than you'd think. That's one of the reasons we why formed this IGDA chapter--to make people aware of what's here. This list, showcasing gaming companies and organizations in Ontario, will always be a work in progress. If you know a gaming company/program or organization that should be listed here, or see something that needs correcting, mail jason@scriba.org, and we'll add it.

51 Listings!

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Alias http://www.alias.com
Creators of the Maya family of software products. Head office is located in Toronto.

alt.software inc. www.altsoftware.com

This is a "contract software development house whose strengths are in hardware-related software development and engineering." They also offer many game related services. Some of their game porting Mac conversions include Project Nomads, Legion, Celtic Kings, Q*bert and Survivor.
84 Richmond Street East
Toronto, ON M5C 1P1
Tel: 416.203.8508
Toll-Free: 866.ALT.SOFT
Email: sales@altsoftware.com
Primary contacts:
Robert MacLellan, Account Manager
Dan Joncas, Director of Sales.

Arcanium Productions http://www.arcanium.com
Developers of The Isle of Four Winds: Rune War for PC. Located in Toronto.

ArcMedia http://www.arcmedia.com
Developers/publishers of multimedia products, including edutainment and games. Located in Toronto.

Artech Studios http://www.artech.ca
Ottawa-based developers of Mace.


Battle Goat Studios www.supremeruler2010.com/default.htm
This Ancaster-based game developer of Supreme Ruler 2010 may well have the best company name ever.

Bitcasters www.bitcasters.com
Toronto multiple media company, with experience in websites, CD-ROM, music videos, books, and online games.
Address : 364 Richmond Street West, 5th floor Toronto, Ontario, M5V 1X6
email : info@bitcasters.com
Telephone: (416) 351-0889
Fax : (416) 351-9884

Brainbox Games www.brainboxgames.com
Creators of Desert Thunder and Marine Heavy Gunner.

Capybara Games http://www.capybaragames.com
Capybara produces creative, high-quality mobile games, focusing specifically on Java-based (J2ME) games. Current titles include the arcade action/feel-good comedy SMABU: Earth Wars and the mind-boggling puzzle-adventure Super Shove Shove. Capybara Games is based in Toronto.

Cave Barn Studios http://www.cavebarn.com


Decode Entertainment www.decode.tv
Decode Entertainment is the producer of popular television programs for kids and family including: Angela Anaconda, The Save Ums and The Undergrads . Decode's award winning new media division is focused on developing games for disk based and web distribution. Email: decode@decode-ent.com

Digital Extremes http://www.digitalextremes.com
Yep, the developers of the Unreal series have offices in Toronto and London, Ontario.

Digital Illusions Canada http://www.dice.se
Developers of Shrek for the Xbox, and others.

Digital Leisure http://www.digitalleisure.com
Publishers of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace across multiple platforms. Located in Gormley, Ontario.

Disney Interactive http://www.disneyinteractive.com
That's Disney as in Walt Disney. They've got offices in Toronto.

DreamCatcher Interactive http://www.dreamcatchergames.com
Originally focused on PC adventure games, this Toronto-based publisher has since expanded to publishing all manner of PC and console games.


The Electric Playground http://www.elecplay.com
The TV show and webzine dedicated to computer and video gaming. The Editor of the website is based in Toronto.



GameNation http://www.GameNationTV.com
GameNationTV.com is the website for the Canadian video game show and features reviews, previews, video clips, pictures and forums.

GamesMania http://www.GamesMania.com
This Bell-owned games portal is operated out of Toronto.

GG8 http://www.gg8.com
This gaming ezine is based in Toronto.

Global Star Software Ltd. www.globalstarsoftware.com/
Founded in 1995, Global Star Software has quickly grown into a dominant force in software-publishing. Global Star Software became a wholly owed subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive in 1999, and thanks to a solid foundation and strong relationships with corporate partners, Global Star has continued to grow, offering excellence in software across a multitude of genres and platforms. Titles releasing 2003 include Airport Tycoon 3, Moraff Maximum Mahjongg 3, Austin Powers Pinball.

Goodmans LLP http://www.goodmans.ca
This legal firm represents companies and individuals in the media industry, including gaming. Yep, lawyers who game. Trevor Fencott, an associate at the firm, is a member of the IGDA (Toronto) Steering Committee. Located in downtown Toronto.

Groove Publishing http://www.groovegames.com
Game publisher here in Toronto. Published SnoCross Extreme and Game Hunter 10 Pack.


Highroad Communications http://www.highroad.com
Located in Toronto and Ottawa, this Public Relations agency represents Microsoft Canada's Xbox and PC gaming presence, to name one.

Hip Interactive http://www.hipinteractive.com
Publisher/Distributor based in Mississauga. Have worked with games such as Warrior Kings and Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project.


Infinential Interactive www.infinential.com
Toronto-based developers of Bomb Panik.

Insprite http://www.insprite.com
Brampton-based start up game company.

IRD1 http://www.ird1.com
Online game developers have offices in St. Catharines.



Koei www.koeicanada.ca
Legendary Japanese developer (Kessen, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, has an office in Toronto.


Longbow Digital Arts http://www.longbowdigitalarts.com/
In their own words, this is "a small family-owned and operated independent software development and 3D animation company." They also do electronic children's books.


Magitech http://www.ezgame.com
Toronto-based creators of the PC strategy game Takeda.

Meldstar Entertainment http://www.meldstar.com
From Pickering, this developer is currently working on a game called Asylum.

Microsoft Canada http://www.microsoft.ca
Head office in Toronto, another office is in Mississauga.



Oceanus Communications Inc www.starpeace.net/
Ottawa developer of massively multiplayer online games, like Star Peace.

Okino Computer Graphics www.okino.com
This Mississauga company describes itself thusly: "Long term (very dedicated) developer of the PolyTrans line of software products which has helped game developers move their 3D scenes, models, animation and more between MAX, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, DirectX and most other 3D file formats."


PowerUp Studios http://www.powerupstudios.com
Toronto-based developer that "provides 'plug and play' services covering every aspect of game and multimedia development." They've done work with Magitech.

Pseudo Interactive http://www.pseudointeractive.com
Developers of Cel Damage for the Xbox and GameCube.



Rockstar Toronto www.rockstarcanada.com/
Located in Oakville, the Canadian chapter of Take 2's Rockstar Games did the PlayStation 2 conversion of Max Payne.


Sherpa Games www.sherpagames.com/
Need some help getting your game out there? This company offers Studio, Title, and Licensor representation, and other services. Located in Markham.

Silicon Knights www.siliconknights.com/
From their offices in St. Catharines, these guys developed Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain and Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem.

Sir-Tech www.sir-tech.com/
From Ottawa, the developer/publisher of the Wizardry and Jagged Alliance series.

Snap Media www.snapmedia.com/
Interactive Services Agency focused primarily on the media and entertainment spaces. Snap Media also produces original interactive entertainment online and (soon) for consoles.

Softimage www.softimage.com /
Although the head office is in Montreal, there is a Toronto sales office for this company, which specializes in 3-D animation and 2-D cel animation for games and movies. The contact there is Bryan Milne.
372 Bay St. Suite 1200
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2W9
(416) 203-6800

Splashworks www.splashworks.com
These guys make Shockwave games, screensavers, and "net novelties," amongst other things. Located in Toronto.

Sulake Canada www.sulake.com
The creators of Habbo Hotel and Coke Studios.
Sulake Canada Inc.
96 Spadina Ave, Suite 403
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5V 2J6


Tira Wireless www.tirawireless.com/
Tira is focused on Java games for the mobile phones and has launched numerous titles including the first branded major sports league game for the mobile phone, including NHL PowerShot Hockey. Currently Tira Wireless is focusing on Tira Jump, the mobile games industry's only automated platform for porting mobile java games across devices. Currently the platform supports 120 devices and has created over 1,000 ports which are now distributed through mobile operators around the world. Tira Jump customers include publishers such as THQ Wireless, Sony Pictures Digital, Disney amongst others.

Transgaming Technologies www.transgaming.com
TransGaming Technologies is a world leader in cross-platform portability, having created the leading solution that allows developers and publishers to build games for a single system and deploy those games across multiple platforms simultaneously - faster, cheaper and better than anyone else. Founded in May 2000, TransGaming’s R&D centre resides in Ottawa, Canada, with business, strategy, and operational activities conducted at the Toronto, Canada office. For more information contact Cathy Tanner, Director of Marketing and Communications at cathy@transgaming.com.



Vicious Software www.vicioussoftware.com/
Newmarket Indie developer working on a 1st person shooter called Razor.

Vivid Group www.vividgroup.com
Vivid Group is a Toronto-based computer entertainment product company, and are the creators and developers of VR systems based on their patented Gesture Xtreme (GX) technology. GX systems are used for entertainment and/or education at Location Based Entertainment facilities, Museums, Science Centers, Halls of Fame, as well as for TV Productions and Corporate Promotions worldwide. Vivid Group offers clientele a choice of their
in-house library of interactive applications, or they may choose to custom-create an application, giving a unique draw to their event or venue.


Women Wise www.womenwise.com/
Publisher/Creator of The Legend of Lotus Spring, Women Wise was formed to"encourage women to use and create new media with a female perspective."


XFunc/NightVision www.xfunc.com/nightvision.htm
Developer specializing in realistic strategy and simulation games--with emphasis on economic, industry and tactical military subjects. Have worked with corporate and educational clients. Completed games developed include Banks In Action for the Citigroup Foundation and Junior Achievement Toronto: Building The Mine for the Elliot Lake Centre. Currently developing Fire Zone--a major tactical wargame.

Also producer of game-oriented digital video documentaries--including Services: The Counter-Strike Documentary, and Tuk Lai: A Wargame.




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Sign up to as many industry-specific e-newsletters, dev journals, and publications as you can and superficially get involved - the point is to score some comp E3 tickets...

... once you get that golden-ticket industry-only invite, print a thousand cards out and have a wikked weekend. :D


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yeah the problem is i run operations at a studio that keeps me from doing a lot of travelling for any purposes. we are interested in game audio opportunities but have other work i have to support which obviously takes priority. that's why i figured meeting a few people in TO would be a good/easy way to start.
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Shug said:
Vancouver Plus, you don't want to work for EA.

Once you get past the retardedness of their games , ect
working for EA really isn't that bad for a number of reasons. They are one of the only game companies out that will actually offer you some job security and have a shit load of benefits to be offered. Not to mention the chance to get transfered to one of their many world wide production studios (the one in London UK sounds fucking awsome- the whole intire front of the building opens up completely so that in the summer you are sort of working outside).

EA is opening (or has opened already) a studio in Montreal and there are rumours of a Toronto studio.

Having said all that though- I would not work for them simply because I dont actually enjoy any of their games.

And Kodiak- the london DICE studio was responsible for BF2 not just BF nam.

Beaker: You might want to check this link here
Big list of CG companies in Canada.
Not all of it is games- there are a lot of links to post production companies.


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EA has made a lot of enemies in the industry, especially with small-team independent studios - which I think are the life blood of creative game design.

I personally think companies who run their businesses like EA does are responsible for 10X more harm than good, and could even cause the industry to bottom out, if their "successful" business model is adopted by more of the bigger companies.


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If there weren't so many people willing to sell their souls to make games EA probally wouldn't be like that.


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oh just a suggestion. If you can, try to network with some animation teachers up at Seneca or Sheridan or Humber. I know you probably have to be a student to get that kind of info, but you never know. Bloody networking.

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Pseudointeractive should still be alive and kicking, despite their flop, "full auto for the 360" . They're at bloor and bay.

Cavebarn studios is long dead.. haha.
That listing is seriously old.

Also, having a hate-on for EA is the new having a hate-on for wallmart.


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I didn't know that having an opinion based on objective analysis was trendy.

I happen to have liked Sega's ESPN Football franchise (rip), and I've had friends' entire components and work dropped by EA because it wasn't generic video game enough for them. Picture putting in 18 hour days for 6 months straight at crunch, to have EA drop it on delivery because it was outside-the-box thinking.


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gollum said:
Battle Goat Studios www.supremeruler2010.com/default.htm
This Ancaster-based game developer of Supreme Ruler 2010 may well have the best company name ever.
Why thank you! :)

I can assure you that BattleGoat Studios is still around and we do contract out our sound work, so you can feel free to contact us if you're looking for work. We've currently begun development on a new title (not yet announced) and have not yet decided on how we intend to proceed for sound assets.

Chris Latour
BattleGoat Studios