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Video Game Hack Art


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Some interesting stuff here that I'm probably checkng out on Friday.

They've hacked video games (Unreal Tourney and Mario, among others) as performance art. Pretty cool shit.


In Myfanwy Ashmore's mario trilogy, viewers are invited to play three hacked versions of the original Super Mario Brothers game- in mario battle no. 1, all the architecture of the first level of the game has been removed, leaving an empty landscape in which the player can take mario for a walk. Her work mario_is_drowning is a similar hack, only this time Mario is underwater and has a limited time before he runs out of air and dies. In mario_doing_time, Mario is trapped behind prison walls, counting down the seconds of his prison sentence.

Prize Budget for Boys's PacMondrian and Caleroids are custom designed arcade cabinets that take classic arcade games PacMan and Asteroids and combine them with the work of famous artists Piet Mondrian and Alexander Calder. The cabinets are fully functional and playable to gallery visitors.

RSG's work Prepared Playstation is an installation using three scenes inside the game Tony Hawk's Underground 2. Using unmodified versions of the PlayStation game, this work exploits bugs and glitches in the code to create jolting game loops. Video games are the content of the work; no additional footage or editing is used. After being "prepared," the game plays itself perpetually.

Anita Fontaine + Yumi-co's CuteXdoom is a game installation that explores modern cultures' addiction to cuteness. Your mission is to become a member of the toy worshipping Yumi-co cult and gain access to the exclusive temple-quarters. To accomplish this, you must collect enough toys to make an offering and please the robotic panda guru, who will in return give you a special gift. The game runs within the game Unreal Tournament 2003.
Apollo Shrapnel Part 1 and Restless < Wrath are two previously unseen works of Tasman Richardson?s Atari glitch video series. These videos explore abstract colour and form through captures of Atari game manipulations.