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Video Editing Software


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I'm looking for some video editing software where I can convert AVIs to mpegs, etc.. and do things like add titles, captions, logos/watermarks, etc...

I have tried a bunch of them from cnet, but nothing has been satisfactory as of yet. I tried using Video Edit Magic, but after I attempted to export the AVI into mpeg, I loose a lot of the resolution, the video gets a lttle choppy and the program limits you to the dimentions that you can export. I think the max dimentions are 720X526.

Anmyway, I need something with more options, something that is probably more sophisticated.

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I've found Sony's Vegas 6 to be a pretty easy & straight forward editting program. It's not nearly as complex as After Effects - but still has a pretty wide array of options, and things to make easy editting possible.

I don't know if you'll be able to export much more than 720x540 or 720x480 as they are the standard resolutions.

For simple conversions, I've been using a freeware program called MediaCoder as of late. It does an awesome job converting just about anything to anything. http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/MediaCoder/1140801347/1