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Vid Thread!!!!!

The Party was Called Bounce2.. and DJ Bromics made this video.. Sudbury parties are pretty fun.. too bad I missed this one.
I would love to get my hands on as much live party footage as possible! I always see people at parties taping everything but where the hell do those tapes go and what is done with them? Does anyone else on the board have tapes of video footage? I'd be willing to purchase it if it's worth it.... and almost any footage is worth it in my mind.
I've got some more.. just from jitterjaw parties in sudbury... I have to get it back from my friend though.. and then convert it to AVI or WMV
I have complete live sets with multiple camera mixes of:

DJ Dan (Smirnoff and Bittersweet)
Nick Warren
Andy C with GQ
DJ Hype with Skibadee
Green Velvet
Tall Paul
David Morales
Mark Farina
Paul Walker
Mystical & Sniper
Misstress Barbara
Dave Ralph (ugh, don't like him)
Kenny Glasgow
Matt C
More, but I forget right now.

I'm thinking of putting some clips up online, but have been too damn busy. How did you post this on this site?

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Subscribe to Cannabis Goldsmith, wherever you get your podcasts
Is there anyway that I could borrow, buy, copy or see any of these videos? There may be small amounts of money involved.... but please remember that I'm in university and don't really have that much of it.
I love seeing footage.
If you want to put some vids on my server contact me on ICQ ( 1651179 ) or via MSN Messenger ( dj_brain@hotmail.com ) and then you can send them to me and I'll put them online.. and post the link.. I have alot of webspace available
The Andy C set is from Bittersweet last month....

And JayBrain. I would love to get you some vid clips to put up....

Email me at chris@freethoughtproject.com and I'll have your email address saved there, for when I have the time to do this....


i'd love to see any video from any of the partys that have gone on in london over the past couple of years......especially form connceted last year.

i have a faint memory of someone walking around with a video camera all night....either that or i was just way too out of it.

pauly j.
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