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Victoria radio station cancels dance music show...


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Here I am, back in beautiful Victoria, BC trying to get over this bich of a cold that I caught last week (a fallout from the Goldie gig at the Living Room? I dunno...). I was rifling through the website for local party peeps called Rave Victoria when I found out that the local alternative music station, Extreme 107.3, cancelled a show called Really Good Music (or RGM for short).

RGM provided an outlet for the Vancouver Island dance music talent. It was a labour of love for Victoria DJ Arizona and others, since it provided listeners with a variety of styles and mixes. It aired from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am Saturday nights and created a sizeable legion of loyal listeners.

This goes out to anyone who's either in the know or who cares about the development of the dance music scene in places other than the major centres. If you've ever been to a Vancouver Island party, you'd discover that there is a certain vibe going around: all genres are respected.

Therefore, I invite you to sign a petition to save the radio show... and maybe even the dance scene in Victoria. It's located at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/RGM2002. Show everyone you care.

Take care and remember...
Respect Everywhere! :cool:


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You know what...
I'd say thats when I came down with tha cold too
Signed the petition, sounds like they deserve the support

Dr. Grinch

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No joke, Me and my friend who went got the same fucking cold.
I've been messed up for the better part of a week now from that, and I got it after goign to see Goldie. A cold takes about 72 hours to gestate, and thats pretty much bang on when it really hit me.
Probably those two REALLY dirty chicks who were trying to shake their old disgusting things where me and my posse were sitting.
SimpleTee knows what I'm talking about.. ;)


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ive been out here two years and I never once heard of that show....
What were the reasons for it being cancelled? People tired of hearing the victoria house maybe?