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Victoria Massive - WHASSUP??


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This Sunday, Dec 3, I'll be heading your way from Toronto (aka T-dot) to do some long term Naval training in Esquimault.

My contract lasts until March 31, with a posasibility of an extension.

I know that this is a Vancouver forum, but there must be some kind of scene (parties, clubs) brewing in Vic.

I'm mainly into jungle. How's the scene there, if there's any?

Lotus Land - I'm coming through.

Peace out.
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Da grunj

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Mister Jacques,

I came running back to T.O. because of a lack of really good/big parties. Don't get me wrong, the people are incredible (if they like you), the MDMA is off the hook, and when they throw a rave....it is clean, safe, and a hell of a lot of fun.


All music in clubs must be off at 2am (no exceptions), cops bust 99% of the after-parties, and it rains from November til March. But it can be fun .......for a littl while.

Still soggy 2 years later,
Da grunj