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Victor Calderone @ TIL


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copeland = solid as always

calderone = first time seein' him live, and I really enjoyed his set...danced my ass off for hours.

good times as per usual @ TIL...

more later.
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victor was great!

and the crowd last night was fantastic! such a mix of people and everyone i met was so happy and friendly!
however, the highlight of the night was hearing about how tasc cried at a wedding last weekend. :p


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This was a fun party for sure! Great, very friendly crowd- everyone was there to dance and have a good time. I stayed only til about 3am, but some of my friends stayed for the entire thing and said it was really good.

Brad's opening set was awesome, one of the best ones I've heard from him at TIL. Once the downstairs was open, the crowd filled up the dancefloor pretty quickly. While I was dancing the people around me kept saying how much they were enjoying the set.

I didn't stay for Victor Calderone's entire set, but from what I've heard, it was pretty good, it had more of a tribal sound/feel. The crowd was definitely enjoying it.

It was good seeing you Toby, Gregor, Adriana and crew. Can't wait for Freedom! :)

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I thought the whole crowd would have been gay men, but it was pretty much a straight crowd that came out last night. I closed out London and got to talk to Calderone after. He has an awesome mix of Madonna's Bedtime Story on his site, and I asked him when it's coming out, and he said he's not going to release it. It's such a good song, too bad he's not releasing it.

PS every DJ is playing Rej-Ame...