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Vibrant Productions "sand tunes"

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by LivingRoomPornstar, Aug 11, 2001.

  1. LivingRoomPornstar

    LivingRoomPornstar TRIBE Member

    I'd be really interested to hear about what happened after this party was busted at the Oshawa sand pits.

    I'm absolutely appauled(sp?) at the amount of resources the durham police mustered in order to quell a party in the middle of nowhere. The sound had pretty much no effect on the surrounding residents(the music was but a faint murmer from the road in.)

    A police helicopter made two appearances, later accompanied by 8 or 9 cruisers. Dave, Derek and Jay were forced to pack up everything and were talking about moving things to "The Barn", the venue for the last little production. I guess this yet another example of a responsible majority being punished for one shithead being busted with a drugs.

    The argument can also be made that the demonization of rave culture by the media and its effect on public opinion have forced politicians to come down hard on the police to tighten their grip.

    Either way, we're getting shafted.

    I can't really comment on much about this party since i was only there for 15 minutes before it got broken up, but I will comment on a couple of things:


    It was quite the adventure getting there, but this made the whole experience that much more fun! The directions were pretty clear, so I got there without any detours, but there were a few times on the trip where I almost turned around because I had thought I had gone to far. The final road into the Oshawa sand pits had soooo many huge potholes and I thought I was going to bottom out a few times...

    I parked on the side of the road, and could hear the faint sound of hard trance in the distance. I walked toward the sound and after climbing a ridge, I could see it! WOW. This setup was truly magical...the lighting setup was simple, but incredibly effective...it illuminated an enormous crescent shaped sand dune behind the decks, which as Malglo mentioned in his email, appeared to give it a "amphitheatre" type look and sound. I walked down a steep hill into the sand pits, as I walked 10 minutes across the sand to the dancefloor, it gave me the opportunity let atmosphere really soak in.

    I was welcomed with the warm smiles of friends, and great track selection from OTIS.

    I really wished this had gone on longer.

    What a beautiful night!

    Even though it was broken up early, I have to give credit to the Vibrant crew for their intentions in throwing the party there. I was in complete awe!

    They have all my support in their mission to provide a little piece of paradise in a city that shuns everything we represent.

  2. That is too bad that the Durham Police decided to step in. Don't give up guys, you put on wicked parties and I hope to be a part of few of them again in the future!

  3. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    holy fuk what a night. We got to the site a lil later then usual and were forced to set up camp in the dark. We had the car lights on a immediately got the gene up and running so we could use the mini spot light. It took us just over an hour to get things up and running; we wanted to get the beats goin asap so that ppl would know which direction to walk to the site. [​IMG]

    I really wish we had pictures of the set up. The four speaker system made such a difference in sound quality. Usually we've had all the gear at the front like a stage effect, but with so much open space we could surround the dance floor with sound. Needles to say I was really looking foward to spinning a deep trance set.

    The weather couldn't have been better for the location. Not a cloud in the sky for miles and miles, if you climed up the top of the amplitheatre it was a perfect view of the night sky.

    12:00am.. Police chopper circles a few times and leaves. No worries yet...

    12:30.. Police chopper is back and so are the squad cars. Dave, Jay and myself met up with the officers on foot before they go to the site. They had their word with us and basically told us to pack up and go home. We tried to bargin with them, but were forced to be co-operative. The main reason we had to leave was becasue somone got busted with a whole wack of mushrooms who was "obviously going to sell them." After that happened they had no choice but to shut it down.

    It didn't take us half as long to tear it all down as it did to set it up! hehe At this point we were still trying to figure out a way to salvage the night. Many ppl had just gone to their cars and went home, but a majority of us met up at a Mickey D's on Simcoe st. On the way there we were frantically calling people on their cells to gather them up again. At this point I didn't know what to expect, but I gotta say that driving into that Mcdonalds parking lot was one of the coolest things I've ever felt. Over 50 ravers standing around waiting for us to get there; Dave and I just looked at each other and smiled. From that point on I had was wearing my usual 'dopey' grin. [​IMG]


    We chilled for a bit before going to an alternate loction. We got there and set up as quickly as possible. It wasn't nearly as elaborate as the setup at the sand pits, but nobody cared, we just wanted tunes and we wanted to party. We called it quits around 6am.

    a HUGE thank you to all who made it out, and especially to all who managed to stick around. Apologies to all who drove to Oshawa and couldn't find a party at all... (becasue we got busted!)

    Last night was truely an adventure: Money can't buy that kind of fun! The whole night Dave an I were sayin that it all feelt so surreal like a movie or something, quite the experience.

    I don't think the next one will be for a while, but we look foward to it. I am truely proud to be involved in something so magical. Thanx to the vibrant krew! MalakaGlo and J-rev! [​IMG] you guys are the best. Thanks to Cri as well for all the help, and the sign. [​IMG]

    shout outs to all the TBK who made it out! and shout outs to the ajax crew! In da house till the early dawn! Its good seein all youse guys again. [​IMG]

    the adventure is over, but last night will go down in my books for sure.

    Peace & love. D
  4. DJAlchemy

    DJAlchemy TRIBE Promoter

    almost forgot to thank the DJ's for stickin it out.

    Willar (dj x), Matt (beaker) & Otis, Elixer ... sorry bro, Kieth (avro) and Wojtek (at-at) -we got down for the next one for sure bro! Sorry you didn't get to spin.

    ok.. I'm done now. [​IMG]

    Peace & love. D
  5. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    Thanks to everyone for their efforts, support and for the adventure...

    My apologies to anyone who trekked to the sand pits after we had left... I really wish we had been able to let you know where we were headed.


    Dave [​IMG]
  6. AT-AT

    AT-AT TRIBE Member

    Derek, Jay and Dave - many thanks for a crazy night! so what if we got busted - it was still one of the better fridays this summer! I shit you not. I love that commando shit, and driving around dirt roads is by far one of my favourite activities ever. My apoligies for having to bail out on you a bit early, but I promise to make it up to you guys next time. Promise! [​IMG]

    ps. the dunes were awesome - never seen anything like it!
  7. vinder

    vinder TRIBE Member

    that sounds like fun, wish i knew about this...how do i find out about these parties, or is it an invite only thing?
  8. CO2

    CO2 TRIBE Member

    Quite the mission this night turned out to be...but it was for the good! Doing the whole missions thing added to the night, and alot of fun was had!

    At one point we even had the chopper spotlight on us! Crazy shit..haha. Once we got to the BARN area tho i think alot of the attendees had already decided to fuck it and go home. Too bad cuz regardless of the amount of people i was still having my fun...smokin' tons 'o' bowls sure helped it along. [​IMG]

    Props to the crew for keeping it together, and i look foward to the next one.

  9. Lurch

    Lurch TRIBE Member

    After this deal got busted me Temper T, Galatic P, CC, and my friend Paul all crammed into my car and drove down simcoe....nobody was around so we just kept going with the intent of going home....that did'nt quite happen.....me , GP, and paul started to trip hard and decide to drop TT and CC at system then find something todo.....after that things got a little strange.........2 hours spent in a park trying to decide what was real and what was not, then a little tour of downtown followed by a panicked look for a cab to find refuge at my brothers (we did'nt feel safe [​IMG] ) where we watched toystory2 and played PS2 GT3 =) which is always fun on shrooms =)
  10. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    What a wicked party, too bad we never quite made it too the barn, but I can understand Lurch's motivations for wanting to go back to T.O.

    We would have met up with the 3 person krew again but Paul said we weren't allowed. The car ride home was also the funniest thing of my life.

    Massive respect to Vibrant Productions, it was so good to see everyone out agai. Dave, Jay, Derek - you boys throw the best parties and I count myself lucky to call you friends. Also, werd out to Cri, sweetest girl ever for bringing me back those chocolate buttons from London [​IMG] Moez- SANDHUG. Lurch and GP and Paul, thanks for the ride.

    As for CC- despite all the fun you had posting under my name, massive respect and hugs to this guy for putting up with me for a crazy 24 hours and helping me keep my sanity. Mcbee and basic always had only good things to say and now I too can confirm it.

    When's the next one? [​IMG]

    t. tAnTrUm
  11. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    Quote of the night, Paul "Sean you can't come! Your nto on shrooms!"

    Or....'my finger is running away I can't stop it'

    Amusing time boys, I feared for my life, but it was fun [​IMG]

    t. tAnTrUm
  12. Temper Tantrum

    Temper Tantrum TRIBE Member

    One last quote by Paul

    'Is that light supposed to be so shiny?'

    Oh CC and I being sober in the car with these ones made for good laughs.

    t. tAnTrUm
  13. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    i think another classic moment in the car was when paul turned around to tell a story, got distacted and totally forgot what was going on. then he turned to us hoping we would just give him some clue. i busted you hard on that one paul. you had no clue what you were going to say. we've all been there many times.

    great car trip guys. one of the most funny things i've seen in a while. it's exactly how i would have been.

    TT - hope you're in one piece now. i'm there to help any time you need it. sometimes things just get all crazy and you need someone to calm you down a bit.

    the party setup was wicked. it's such a shame that it came to an end so early.

  14. MalGlo

    MalGlo TRIBE Member

    glad you guys got home ok [​IMG] and enjoyed the few moments you were actually at the party [​IMG]



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