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Big Boss

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Vibe is awesome. Really, really awesome. He really brought a lot of energy and tricks to the table. He seemed like he really enjoyed the night as well.


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s1k said:
must have been off the hook.

I didn't think so at all.
I was there from about 2:30-5 and Vibe played 3 tracks that got me dancing. The rest of the time I could have been at fly....whatever vibe was playing was completely unlike the set I downloaded that convinced me to go. Just tribal tribal tribal loops over and over again. He hinted at playing funky green dogs - fired up, but then went back to the tribal!

I mostly went to check out the club and see friends, and that I did, so I still left very satisfied!


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Walk out into velvet
Nothing more to say
You're my favourite moment
You're my Saturday

Cos you're my Number 1
I'm like a dog to get you
I want it up and on
I'm like a dog to get you

<3'd Goldfrapp

Vibe had a good early part of the set but it just didn't take me on a journey...his Dancefloor mixes have been killer but this set felt like he didn't push the envelope so much....Don't matter, alotta happy ppl, alotta smiling faces

the crowd was definitely very err..football...i'm quite positive a fair number had street meat with a healthy dose of onions b/f attending the gig.

THAT DANCEFLOOR NEEDS TO BE SEASONED! i brought the baby powder along so we could work it in a little more

it's a total shame w/ the gum ban @ sonic. People, you know better than that! Quit spitting your gum out on that floor. Extra garbage bins are out so use 'em!

fans are up behind the back stacks so the air was @ least moving in there -YAY!

lights & video are coming along...the hand grabbing the stretch of fabric was just....pornographic...i likes :D heard there were some technical issues in the lighting booth but those should be easily rectified...love the decals in the lights - the fans looked really cool
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