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Vestax PMC-37 Pro for sale

docta seuss

TRIBE Member
3 months old, light use.

after taxes, i paid $1700, asking $1100 obo

please email rsquinn@uoguelph.ca if interested.




"For the first time ever, one turntable can be assigned to all 3 channels! With the use of the "cut to silence" isolators, each channel fader could very quickly be assigned as a frequency fader for one turntable source! This allows for assignable crossfading between 3 isolated frequency bands!

Excellent build quality and superior sounding mixer that makes use of industrial strength PCV-faders, and that also includes sweep filters on each stereo channel!


adjustable fader curve, gradual for mixing, or sharp for scratching

Increased creativity with sweep filters

Unique program assign switches for each stereo channel

Famous Vestax sweep filter on each stereo channel

Three band isolator fader with functions on each stereo channel

3 / 5 channel with 3 phono and 6 line inputs

Special cue-signal monitoring through option meter

Easy connection and routing through unique assign switches High mixing flexibility with 2 assignable Aux/Effect channels PCV-fader input fader and 45 mm crossfader (both user replaceable)
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