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Vespa presents Mk. II (new album)


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I've completed my second album "Mk. II". It features new downtempo, house and instrumental hip-hop tracks, as well as a few tasty remixes. It's being offered for a very reasonable price of just $5.00 CDN (with free shipping anywhere in the world) right here.

A few copies of my first album "Memory" are also still available (also with free shipping).

You can preview some of the new tracks on my redesigned MySpace, as well: Vespa on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos

The first five tracks are from "Memory" and the last five are from "Mk. II".



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Congrats man! I dug some tracks, and didn't like others. Your sound and technique has developed from your first album, that is clear. Keep pushing on :)