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VERSUS 6 year anniversary & Crippled Wheels b-day Nov. 19th

Paul Who?

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T.E.E.M. Quest and Crippled Wheel are proud to present

VERSUS the 6 year anniversary and crippled wheel's birthday celebration

Dr. J vs The Gaff
(Jellyjar) (THE GAFF) Saskatoon, SK

Two of Saskatoon’s premier funk and hip-hop Dj’s square off early to start the party right. An eclectic mix of Funk, soul, hip-hop, and turntablism is sure to bring you to the dance floor and keep you their all night. This will be the first time these two have gone head to head so come early check this out

Phaze – M vs Sisk
(Symptomtech) Winnipeg MB

Two of Winnipegs best Dj’s make a rare trip to Saskatoon this weekend dropping bass heavy electro and tech for true heads. These guys are responsible for some of the most memorable events and sets in their hometown and we are pleased to give them two hours to destroy the dance floor and rock the party. If you missed their sets at Connect this is will be your chance to witness the debauchery that only Winnipeg Dj’s can bring.

Small Town Dj’s aka Pete vs Mike
(Giant 45/Hi Fi Club) Calgary AB

The Small Town Dj’s should need no introduction in the prairies but in case you have been in the forest for the last couple of years we’ll let you in on the secret. These two talented Dj’s can throw down any time anywhere. They are currently running a busy records store, Giant 45, and a very successful nightclub, the Hi Fi, while touring. These two Dj’s could quite possibly be the two most hardworking guys in the breaks community.

Short Fat Steve vs. Hardtoe LIVE
(Connecttribe) Regina, SK

Hidden away in their secret underground lair, the brothers fat have been performing illegal experiments on helpless old skool beatz, genetically grafting their soulful DNA onto the machinelike pump of twisted modern grooves. If their shocking demeanour unsettles and disturbs, rest easy knowing that they have pledged their souls to the all powerful Overgroove in order to bring down Da Dunk. A very special versus is planned for this event so don’t miss the masters of live P.A. at work.

Broken English vs. DJ Likwid
(PK Events/Village Stage Shambhala) Calgary, AB
(DUI/Crippled Wheel) Saskatoon, SK

These two talented Drum and Bass Dj’s from Calgary run one of the most influential stages at the Shambhala music festival. They have agreed to make a very special one time trip to Saskatoon to team up with our very own dj Likwid to bring the house down in a no holds barred D&B battle to break the soundsystem. Don’t miss the men behind the village stage at Shambhala bring a very special blend of D&B to our fair city.

Rayne vs. Chakra Khan
(warndingrecords.com/r.a.v.e.n./crown productions) Winnipeg, MB (Independant) Saskatoon, SK

Rayne and Phaxis are responsible for some of the craziest live P.A. sets to hit the prairies in a long, long time. We are pleased to welcome one half of this power duo and team him up with our very own Techno assassin, Chakra Khan. Techno enthusiasts know this will be a set to remember and a night to remember.

Venue: Idylwild events centre - 1640 Idylwild dr, North
Doors: 10pm
Tickets: Momentum, B.O.B., Vinyl Exchange 15$ in advance and before 11pm
This is a licenced all ages event
Info: www.teemquest.com and (306)249-5566

6 years ago a few of us realized there was a scene is Saskatoon bursting at the seams with a demand for more high quality electronica events. We came together on November 19th, 1999 to bring you the very first VERSUS as Spy vs. Spy. Now we continue that tradition and say farewell as T.E.E.M. Quest/Spy vs. Spy is about to finish its days as a promotional group. We’ve spent the last 6 years doing what we love and now it’s time to move to the next level in our lives. We want to take this time to thank everyone that has helped us over the past 6 years become what we are, it really is the people that make an organization. This event is a great way to say goodbye and happy birthday to T.E.E.M. quest, so celebrate with us by enjoying some of the most talented DJ’s the prairies have to offer. We have waited over a year to bring this line up to life so enjoy!

This is also a great opportunity to wish crippled wheel a happy birthday as he turns…well, old this year. Crippled Wheel has some devastating events planned for the new year so celebrate a strong finish and new begginning all in one event.