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Verso:the first Party! (dnb plus techno and trance)


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Verso: the first Party.

w/ djs:
Slide - Orian, Vinyl Syndicate (DnB)
Chase - Tempaural (DnB)
Code - Tempaural (DnB)
Otis & Voytek - Thump, Protocol Radio (Trance)
Paris (Techno)

We invite you to join us on Saturday Dec. 08 2001.
Venue: the Blue Moon, 725 Queen St. E. @broadview.
Price: $5.00 b4 11:00pm / $7.00 after 11:00pm
Doors open @ 9:30pm


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this looks like fun
I haven't heard Chase in toooo long.

plus I can have some DNB and my baby can have some TRANCE. YEY!