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Vernon in Da House


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Good to see Vernon Douglas (Vancouver Don of the House Underground) appear on Gonzaemon show on P-r-o-t-on Radio tonight. Tight ass mix Vern. I know you been loving any and all Bar-a-thyme mixes!


p.s.s I remember hanging with you and Nukes on ight at the Lotus. Damn I gotta come back and see you and Chani!

p.s. hope all is well brother!

Part 2: Vernon Douglas
1. Samim - House Nation [Tuning Spork]
2. Mario Passarani - I House You [Peacefrog]
3. Ark - Sucubz (Mr. Oizo Remix) [Brif]
4. Lee Mortimer - When It Comes (Izit Remix) [Front Room]
5. Jay West - Absent (Patrick Turner Remix) [Unknown]
6. Jesse Rose - A-Sided [Dubsided]
7. Detox Twins - Love Shared (Lil' Mark's Dub) [Music For Freaks]
8. G.O.D. - Unlimited [G.O.D.]
9. Jay Tripwire - I Am A Masterbeater (D's Trippin On Wire Mix) [Utensil]
10. DJ Ali, Sean Dimitrie and Tim Fuller - Naked [Manali]
11. Green Velvet - No Sex (Mark Grant Vocal Mix) [Relief]
12. Johnny Fiasco - Conduction [Cajual]
13. Phillip Eno - Break Out The Paddle (Gordon Gattrell's Revenge) [Select]
14. Iffy - Hi Life [Utensil]
15. Rob Pearson - Precious Things (Asad's Nasty Things Dub) [Wrong]
16. Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thyme (Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix) w/ Tanis Roese "Focus" Spoken Word [NRK]
17. Marco de Souza - PBC (Deep Mix) [Freerange]
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