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Vernon Douglas mix for d/load


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go to http://www.deepen.cc and click the
mix button.

it's a mix i did to give away at our NYE party at the Lotus in Vancouver.

Sonic 2004 tracklist

Mis-shapes vol 2. 0800 Jazz. Odori
Jay Tripwire feat Alexander East. Do Me This Way. Leaf
Bionic Bump Band. Bubblegum Bounce. 20/20 Vision
Drumprints Sampler 1. Stone Side. Primitive Urges #11
Earth Deuely. Key Lime Pie.
Bionic Bump Band. Shades. 20/20 Vision
Mr. Barcode. Disgusting Base. PR2
Sugar. The Feeling. DJ Toyota elicit edit
A.S.K. Pass It On. Odori
Sean Q6. Out In The Shed. Hallucination LTD.
Fries and Bridges. Poplocking. Robsoul
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BTW, I'll be playing at Element with The Solma boys and Ian Guthrie on Feb 28th.

I hope some of you will join me for a taste of how we do it at deepen:)


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vernon was kind enough to mail me this mix, and it's off the hook! a quality mix from one of the best promoters in canada. see you on the 28th!


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This is a solid mix. I'm really feeling this one.

This mix is definitely "burn worthy" :D

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