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Verdict #2 - This one's better.


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The Dooleys have been found guilty of Murder in the Second.

I feel Relieved, content, avenged. I smiled when I heard it. I almost cried. Sad that such an event makes me feel this way. That the death of a little boy happened at all.

A seven-year old who couldn't defend himself, was defended today, by 12 strangers. I guess you could say that justice still does exist. I wish it didn't have too.



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Re: Re: Re: Verdict #2 - This one's better.

Originally posted by mingster

Don't start with me.
Or else I'll get some real bikers after your ass. :p


real bikers? as opposed to the fake ones?

You mean the fat assed bearded guys on Harleys?

there's a saying....."If you're gonna ride a couch, stay at home"


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this totally made my morning when i found out they got second degree murder and not no bullshit manslaughter charge. my faith in our system has been restored (for the time being). i hope they enjoy the 10 year minimum of beats they are going to receive. i'm not talking about techno beats either.

10 bucks says one of them won't make out of jail alive.

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I'm kind of surprised that they got 2nd degree murder, but I'm quite happy with the verdict. All that remains is the sentencing, which I hope is severe.



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often i don't like to read these stories in the papers as they deal with the most deplorable side of humanity...it is truly a shame this young kid was never given the opporunity to live his life knowing how wonderful people can be, as opposed to the sick monsters he lived with...rest in peace...

people like this should never see the light of day again...some crimes are inexcusable...