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verbal abuse


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this thread is for verbal abuse of one another for any reason whatsoever.

posting in theis thread enters you into a contract that you are going to be a good sport about getting and dishing out verbal abuse. i figure this thread will be great for venting.

you bunch of rat bastards !

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Beer babe

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SneakyPete said:
They bruise the heart and the mind.

i'm a tumor, i'm a tumor, i'm a tumor....

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Ditto Much

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quantumize said:
you bunch of rat bastards !

Bite me

LivingRoomPornstar said:
your clown shoes are untied

nobody cares what you think

ChrisD said:

I know dogs that are more original

Amy_J said:
fuck all of you asshats

blow me and start with the right testicle this time

supakeli said:
*shakes head in distain*

your not shaking hard enough, shake until you black out and do everyone a favour

terrawrist III said:


Fidelity said:
The only thing you are good for is crusting up underwear.

evidently that makes me infiniately more useful than you

SneakyPete said:
You can't even do a search?

If you spent half the time you spent searching on tribe in a shower you wouldn't smell like ass

Krzysiu said:
meh, words don't leave bruises.

no they don't but my foot up your ass leaves smiles

technowelt said:
at this juncture, i would like to invite you all to engage in sexual relations with your repective selves.

your the first guy to have a hooker put a bag over your face before she fucked you

IgStar said:
that's what you do to me with your taunting.

yet again proof that it doesn't take much

Krzysiu said:
how're your feelings now?

not as hurt as your mommas were when you were born
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quantumize said:
your a cumshot your mom should have swallowed

i'm looking in your direction soulster


oh yeah?! well you are a big smelly fart!

i need to work on my comebacks. :(

edit: and obviously i completely missed out on the climax above. sigh...
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