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Venus - Thank You all for the great night!

Captain Monkey

TRIBE Member
Here it is....an official review

First off I would like to thank each and every person who came out to this party to make it the night what is was, a night none of us will soon forget.

Lori - Very nice to work with you. Your set had the entire crowd jumping nonstop. Thanks for being so professional and i hope you had an awsome birthday!

Brad (S4) - NICE JOB! your set was one of my personal favorites for the night (actually all the sets were too good). Once again it was a pleasure working with you and you are trully one of the best DJs this country has to offer.

Len (SOS) - You are not only a great DJ and a great person but you are also a great friend. I thank you sooo much for just being such a good friend to me and a mentor. I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for your influence. Thank you so much!

Dominik - seeing you and len battle it out was awsome...you guys have such an incredable energy when playing together. Thanks for helping make the night a blast

Steve (Fagatron) - You are truly a great guy. Thanks for all the help leading up to and at the party. I hope that soon you will get the respect and credit you deserve as a excellant DJ in toronto.

Paladin - you are a monster...I al;ways love seeing you at a party...you have this almost freakish effect on the crowd!

tommy - Thank You. You are my teacher and by far one of my very best friends. Your help was priceless and your set was incredable...20+tracks in 1hour. I am glad your set is the one many are talking about. You are torontos best techno DJ and soon you will be geating the respect you deserve

Britt - what can i say...we did it. Although the night didn't go as well as we hoped ($$) I think we can both feel satisfied at the fact that we threw an incredable party. I look foreward to our future events. You should feel proud of yourself you did an awsome job!

Ba (my brother and the guy on the big tube) - I love you so much bro. I feel so happy that you and i have the relationship we do. You are my best friend. This event could not have worked without you. You were there 24/7 to hear my complaints and get me threw my lows. The decoration was incredable. I have never seen a party transformed like that and i think everybody really appreciated it. Top Notch job Thank you much!

To The Crew - you guys know who you are. Be it working the door, decorating, flyering or whatever its you guys that helped us pull all the final details into place. You all acted like professionals and didn't ask for a penny.

I felt that this party was incredable. I haven't felt a vibe like there was on Saturday for years. Everyone who was ther acted responsibly and i noticed a large decrease in the amount of sketchyness. I hope you all had as much fun as i did

IO hope syzygy will be able to return soon with Earth but due to finacial hardships I don't think it will happen as soon as you would all like but never fear we will be back...i garauntee!

- Al

Captain Monkey

TRIBE Member
Rob - You are the only jungle/DnB Dj I canlisten to for an extended time...that was a awsome set and a perfect way to end the night...i didn't know jungle could get that hard!


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awwwww *sniff* that's so sweet Al!!!! *S*

yeah--- i had an awesome time too- great party. Too bad I had to leave fairly early, but that's what happens when you get no sleep from working and working on schoolwork!!

Either way, the Syzergy crew always throws an awesome party- i know for sure everyone enjoyed themselves!!!

plus the decor was great!!!!!!!!!!

ps- sorry to crush you Al! *grin*


Cobra Commander

TRIBE Member
great party
S4 stole the show but let's not forget about the rest of the talent: SOS, Lori, and Dominik who kept the beats punding all night long......friendly people and nice decor.......overall an excellent job

DJ Doublecross

TRIBE Member
Big thanks to Alex and the rest of the Syzygy crew, it really was an amazing party. Turbo was completely transformed, and the vibe reminded me of when I first started spinning at parties three years ago... you just don't see that kind of crowd anymore these days. Even at 6am they were still jumping when the lights came on!

Can't wait for the next one.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJ Doublecross:
...you just don't see that kind of crowd anymore these days.</font>
so true!!!

ps- sorry we didn't get ice cream rob!!!!!


Captain Monkey

TRIBE Member
Hey Rob...i Forgot to tell you...

two great comments i got after your set is a; whoever that is he is the best jungle dj i have ever heard and b; holy shit that has to be one of the hotest djs in the city

thought you would like those!


TRIBE Member
Didn't even see this thread! Like an idiot, started a new one.. Doh!

Anyway, wicked wicked night. Adam's hailing it "as the best party evar!" In the short 1.5 years since I started partying, Saturday night was by far the crowning achievement.

Thanks To Alex for setting everything up. My entire crew (Felt like I knew almost everybody there!) and all the DJ's who threw down wicked wicked sets. I was 'Crazy Dancing' all night long!


Adam out.


TRIBE Member
big up mr.vibe monkey for thowing together another tight jam - mercury was a tough act to follow, but this one went far beyond the last one. mr. fagatron threw down some sweet chunky funky breaks to open things off and it was great warming the decks up for the freak himself, paladin. I was very impressed with Lori Hifi's set, and the hardcore battle between dominik and sos had this technosnob tearing it up on the dancefloor. Rob's closing set was just what the doctor ordered, just as last time - but this time with an oldskule harder sound.

can't wait for earth!

tommy smalls


TRIBE Member
Well I was a silly boy, and it was fun fun fun.

Did not feel like a club at all. Could have used some more people, but hey 3 parties going on in one night so not too bad considering.

Good work.
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