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Venoms at b-sides


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This jam was craaaaaazy! Solid thumpin beats, people screaming and hollering, and a big breakdancing circle to top it all off!! The crowd was 'avin it large! Mad props to Blaise for putting this jam together, and even bigger props for this guys crazy breakdancing moves.

Great seeing a lot of tech heads out, but to those that decided to stay at home, YOU MISSED OUT!

This was one of my favourite jams of the year.

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Good times

After getting kicked out of Lovesexxy I was ready to go home. I'm glad I remembered this, or my night would've been ruined.

Thanks to blaise for giving me and my friends the "family discount". We wouldn't have gotten in otherwise.


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I'm SOOOOO Glad I got off work early and was able to make it down!!!

This was an awesome party!!! I had SO much fun- and the breakdancers were really fun to watch!!! (especially the main man Blaise!!! *grin*)

I got there just after tommy started, and I have to say, it's prolly the BEST set I've ever heard him spin... really well done!!!!

EJ the DJ was also fantastic!! (sorry- ERWIN J) Really good tracks!

It was quite obvious that everyone had a great time.... Best crowd I've seen in AGES.

Great job blaise!!!!!

ps- GUNARK- you were there??!?! What do you look like!??



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by madnezz:
ps- GUNARK- you were there??!?! What do you look like!??</font>

Um I was wearing a black polo shirt, beige pants and a grey army hat. I was only there for an hour or two though.