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VENOM @ B-Side

Adam Duke

TRIBE Member
Hoe Lee Shht.

i strode into B-Side at about 11pm to catch the last hour of Bryce Walker's set. SOLID deck skills, harder techno than usual but still keeping that sexy european techno sound, and he's changed his mixing style a bit - riding the mix more and smoother transitions. Bang on - I loved it.
Tommysmalls took over the headlining spot and I have to say,...Amen, brotha. I haven't heard anyone grab minimal techo by the balls like that and shake it in a long time. The crowd was totally feelin' it too. Just ACES! Set of the night for sure.
Tribal junkie EJ laid into everyone after tommy's set with some very pHryL-style, intense beatings. Had to make it out to another party after, so i couldn't stay for the whole deal, but he impressed me with his fluid mixing. More people would've been nice, but even as it was, everyone was shaking their bon-bon on the dancefloor and it looked fairly full. Seriously though, STELLAR techno.

Yet another killer techno Venom event - big ups to Blaise for getting it together.

tech care,