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Vancouver Weather


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The weather sucks in this city and I have had it. Virtually no summer last year, and as the weeks of cold weather an rain go by, it looks like we are going to run out of time for this summer.

I honestly can't take much more and will probably leave this place by next year if it continues.

It's brutal.
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Reason #178 why I moved to the Okanagan and not to Vancouver. :D

Victoria has much less rain. Vic has a great nightlife scene, outdoorsiness, and that city feel.


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I moved to Van from Toronto just last year, having never lived here before then.

Van is a city of incredible differences... crazy money and INSANE poverty.. it's the same with the weather... when it is good it's amazing... sunny and not too hot but then it will have stretches like this past week were I don't even have my windows open.

I just try to remember that the air is clean and when it's awesome, it's awesome. Also it's so great not living in a city that is so grey, even in the summer - which I realized Toronto is, only when I went back.
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Sunny summer beach days in Vancouver are incredible.

Kadoya is the best sushi ever. LOL!! Ever.