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**Vancouver** - Powercore Compact + Access Virus for sale

Cheap Ego

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Just a quick note for anyone out west that may be poking around for a new synth... I'm selling my powercore Firewire DSP unit, and the Access Virus software developped specifically for it.

If you're using, or have been looking for a Virus synth..this thing puts out the exact same quality sound and is so much more practical - it's tiny in comparison, better at importing and exporting patches and multi instruments are a snap. It also comes with loads of mastering and effects utilities that take advantage of its dedicated DSP processing.

TC Electronic Powercore Compact:

TC Electornic/Access Virus softsynth:

Anyway.. if you're curious at all just give me a shout and I'll tell you all about it. I love this thing, but I don't really write music anymore so it's time for it to go....

idounderstand[a la]hotmail[le dot]com
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