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Vancouver Peeps ! I Need Your Help !


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Ok ...
I was thinking about moving out to b.c for a while
specifically the vancouver area
now ...
i need to know things like rent information, info on the city in general
information on the cost of food
cost of transportation
availability of jobs and in what areas
any kind of valuable information !
i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanna do this
but i have to know what is going on there, to make sure
i dont get stuck there with no money and no place to go

lotsa luv

ICQ# 50527536
E-mail Cand_E_girl69@yahoo.com


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wow- i was just about to post the same message basically! my friends and i decided we wanted to move to b.c recently and i was looking for info. but i guess no one is really helping......oh well.



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here's my meager advice... check out the loungex site by clicking here ---> http://www.loungex.com <--- if nothing else it should give you a starting point. and they also have a message board on there too.

hope that helps at least a little...
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Van city is a wikkid place to be!! I just moved here in january and i love it here!! Rent is gonna be expensive...a lot of the places i looked at were between $500-$700...but there are some hidden gems. I found a place for $350 inclusive. As for food prices...it's the same as toronto....but if you like japanese food its really really cheap here. The transportation...well kinda blows!! It's pretty easy to move east to west and vise versa cuz of the sky train but travelling north south is a bitch. It'd be better if you had a car. Monthly pass is $64. Job wise i'm not sure because i got my job through co-op...that's pretty much why i'm out here.

As for the party scene......It's not as good as Toronto in my opinion but it can hold its own. The big parties are like those held at the CNE....mad expensive and usually not worth it. Best bet is to hit up club nites and after hours clubs. They have a stupid law here where everything must close down at 2am...so after hour clubs are illegal but quite easy to find. House is really big here....theres a pretty good trance in breaks scene....jungle isn't so good though but it's getting better. Roni size, aphrodite and disel boy are coming in March!! Tiesto is here too!! So overseas talent over here is not lacking!

A typical party week for me is....

Wed: Either Lotus lounge, or 7 alexander for some breaks
Thurs: Wetbar...czech is a resident
Friday: 7 alexander has a pretty good trance nite.
Sat...hit up a small party or after hours
sunday...sketch out.

If ya like outdoors stuff then this is the place for you! Everyone here is outdoorsy!

If ya have any more questions email me and i'll try to help as best i can.



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hey :)
I'm from ont. and going ot be out in vancouver from the 9th -17th I need to find a party to go to while I'm out.
preferable jungle just the mention of aphrotite soooo good.
diesel boy even better!!!!!!!!!!!
and roni size. !!!!
if there are any parties going on at all jungle house breaks trance I dont care I just need to get to a vancouver party.
if anyone can help me please let me know.