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vancouver events over x-mas holidays...


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anything interesting happening in Vancouver between Dec 27 - Jan 4th ?

I've got the following:

Sun Dec 28th
The Under Ground w/Czech @ Lucy Mae Brown

Mon Dec 29th
Soulstream @ The Republic

Tues Dec 30th
Black Tuesdays @ The Tunnel (house & electro)
TnA Tuesdays @ Shine (dnb & jungle)


where the fuck is the techno? and why are 'highballs' mentioned in every fucking club thread? what's the emphasis on 'highballs'?

ps. what are some places/recordshops I can check out for event flyers, listings, etc..


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if you are looking for a proper underground house beatdown, Luke McKeegan and the Nordix Trax/2Guerilla crew are hosting a deep and funky house beatdown at Open Studios, one of the best underground venues in the city.

it's basically a big loft with huge ceilings. Full bar for the night, dj's include Luke himself, the Lawnchair Generals and other Van City locals.

i think it will be the party of the night for the headz.

tickets available at local record shops and online though Ticketmaster I believe

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