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vacation club reccomendations please


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anyone ever been to cancun?
if so what clubs should i check out on what nights?
how much can i expect to pay?
please help!


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Hey Neil...

Throw your own club..
Get a loan from a bank in Cancun im pretty sure there won't be any hassels..
I would come and supoort but im unfortunately kinda busy up here in canada..
I dunno what you should name the club but...
It would have to Represent all of us CAnadians obviously..
But good luck....



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duh! is cancun somewhere near china town??

[jealous]Man, why don't you rub it in a little more...[/jealous]

I'm sure once you get off the plane and into the booze, you should have no problem following other drunk college kids and find a sweet place to chill!!!!!!!! Let Claire follow her nose and where there's ganga there's good times. [jealous]And oh ya! screw the money, you're obviously rich enough to go so cough up the bling bling, biatch!!![/jealous]

:D one to-kill-ya(tequila), two to-kill-ya's, three to-kill-ya's, twenty beers, and you'll bee buzzzin'!!!

dj Red Turtle

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Theres lots of clubs in Cancun, but when I was there the only types of clubs I found were just playing top 40 stuff and offering all you can drink for like $20 US. I checked out Le Boom, Christines (heard this place is closed) and Catz. Catz was ok, they had like a live Reggae Band that night. Cancun is just one big tourist trap. You'll be bargaining for everything (even taxi's). But Cancun is very beautiful. Just like a post card. Have fun and try not to get burned. (Don't try the weed there). Its nasty and brown and dried.