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V/Mayday Venue Sneak Peak!!!!


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loaded with sound

loaded with booze

and some serious dubs!!!!!!!

just bring your ID!!!

venue to be released this FRIDAY!!!!!!!!


:eek: :eek:


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I know,. Im a lighting freak myself..

at WEMF, i was standing with the lighting guy most of the night in the main stage, that guy was wicked, and they had a serious setup.

I was givin him props for his build ups and shit... t'was funny..

this venue looks pretty serious too.. should be fun. :D
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location has been released

::FINALLY The Return of MayDay and V Recordings::

::The Next Level has begun::

Venue: VIVA Nightclub located at 8261 Woodbine Ave. Markham Ont.

1,500 person club occupying 18,000 square feet of intimate and spacious settings.

26 Junior Earthquakes pulsate throughout

the club, lighting rig includes a powerful multicolor laser, multiple video projection, over 30 High End intelligent lights


Coming from 401 East or West, exit 404 North to Steeles/Woodbine exit.

Travel north up woodbine 1 light south of Hwy.7 on the East side right next to Costco

(Free Parking)

Experince the Club here:

http://www.vertexsound.com/images/DJ Booth_MVI.AVI