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USSR wanted John Paul II dead ?


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I really didn't see this one coming!

"The Soviet Union was behind the attempted assassination in 1981 of Pope John Paul II, an Italian parliamentary commission has concluded."

The late Pope was a leading force in the collapse of the Warsaw pact and was behind the movements for democracy in Eastern Europe. I guess with him being the leader of the church, he projected rights and expressions that conflicted with basic ideals of communism. If this would of come out during the Cold War, the implication would of been disastrous.

I wonder how the current Russian president will respond, given he was a KGB agent.


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Well, there was already enough suspicion to bring Bulgarian secret services to trial in 1986, as the article states. Despite their acquittal, I still think most people continued to believe a communist plot was behind the assassination attempt.


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Catholicism gives communism indigestion.

Better yet, Catholicism gives most things indigestion.