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used snowboards for sale


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moreover me and my crew of dirty low down rippers have decided to get rid of some our lineup in order to finance a snowboarding video... support the cause

02/03 K2 Travis Parker 155 $250
01/02 k2 Travis Parker 159 $200
02/03 ride Timeless 161 $300
99/2000 Burton Jim Rippy 155 w/click in bindings and boots 600 obo
03/004 Ride Exile 157 $300

may be more decks to come

pm me if interested
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I am most definitely interested. I'm a beginner at 5'9" but I don't know which size would be best for me? basically its for just the Ontario bunny hills :p. please let me know.

and where do you live?
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tribe cannabis accessories silver grinders


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Change in plans: the K2 Fuse is not sold to Asix, as I havent heard back from Asix - so congratulations boobytrap! - check your e-mail.