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Used Bike Shop?


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Looking to buy a used bike, and would really like to avoid the chance of buying a stolen bike. Can anyone recommend a reputable store in Toronto? Preferably something downtown. Thanks!
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@WSW: Thanks!

@SB: I'm not really sure, as I haven't owned a bike since I was a kid. I'm looking for something pretty simple (but not a fixie) that I can use for general transportation around the city. Doesn't need to be fancy or look pretty, but I would like one that isn't going to fall apart in a few months.

Like is $100-$200 a reasonable expectation?
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Word. Keep it used at that price point. Sometimes it makes sense to go new due to warranties and service plans shops offer. You'd have to step up to 4ish to make that happen though. +1 for Red Arrow. NO CABLE LOCKS! !!