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USB Port Software Issue/Recommendations for affordable computer repair


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Hey All,

Quite suddenly all of my usb ports in my home desktop aren't working. Every time I plug in a device, it says it's "unrecognizable". I've looked around online and tried a few methods(one as simple as unplugging the power source, which worked for 45 seconds before i started getting the same messages again).

Not able to find newer updates to the drivers either.

Has anyone had this issue?
Does anyone have any suggestions?

or alternatively,

Can anyone recommend a reliable and affordable person to take care of this issue for me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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good hardware, bad operating system.

Talking USB, its best to find chipset drivers for your motherboard - but messing with Device Manager is finicky - you have to make sure you have the right drivers on your desktop. Then manually remove any USB + USB HUB Drivers that are installed (delete the devices from device manager). Then I would reboot, install the chipset drivers, and hope that they solve your issue.

You may want to check your motherboard and ensure the USB ports are being powered, and that no cables have been shaken loose or damaged.