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US to attack Syria in "unbelievably small, limited strike" if they don't give up chemical weapons


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If the world is blown to smithereens, the reason won't be the "UN", it will be the responsibility of the nations that get into the tousle.

The UN is only as effective as its members let it be, and if its ineffective, the "UN" isn't the reason as much as it is the specific actions of nations at the UN - such as the US vetoing a resolution on Israeli settlements the rest of the world supports, or Russia not letting us mess with a client state by using its veto while the rest of us wanted to do it, Clinton not signing on and supporting an effective Rwanda mission - or China being late in the game on global warming. Another example could be how the major powers collectively ensuring no UN "rapid reaction force" is ever created as this could repesent a threat to their monopoly over the use of force, and so crises fester and fester because the system powerful nations wanted would lead to that. Another could be how none of the Big 5 would ever sign on without enshrining an unfair veto.

The UN can only be understood by analysis of the actions of nations within the UN

Bernnie Federko

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war crimes
German authorities investigate members of the Assad regime
Against twelve members of the regime of dictator Assad the German judiciary has initiated proceedings according to SPIEGEL information. A former photographer of the military police surrendered new evidence.

By Jörg Diehl , Martin Knobbe and Fidelius Schmid

picture alliance / AA

"Caesar" pictures in Washington, DC
Friday, 22.09.2017 12:46 clock

Investigations by German authorities for war crimes or crimes against humanity in Syria are directed against members of the regime of President Bashar al-Assad. According to SPIEGEL information, the International Criminal Prosecutor's Office at the Federal Chancellor's Office in Karlsruhe currently leads nine trials against twelve accused, which are attributable to the Syrian regime. (Read here the whole story in the new SPIEGEL.)

In a total of 43 cases, the Federal Criminal Police Office ( BKA ) is investigating persons who havecommitted war crimes in Syria and Iraq.Thus, according to security experts in Europe, the processing of war crimes is accelerating.

Just 27,000 image files

As the SPIEGEL continues to report, on Thursday the accusers received new evidence for their investigations. These are photographs of a former Syrian military police officer, who was given the pseudonym "Caesar". He escaped from Syria in 2013, carrying pictures of bodies from the prisons of the Syrian secret services and the military police.

Some pictures show clear signs of violence and torture: dark spots on the neck, which indicate strangulation, or blood flow, which suggests death by suffocation. Almost 27,000 picture files, which document some 6700 victims of violence and torture, have been handed over to the office of Peter Frank, the prosecutor general.

The "Caesar" pictures have caused worldwide horror in the last few years.The UNO was concerned with the US Congress and several law enforcement agencies. The GBA also had a record of these pictures already available.

The now handed over photos have, according to the group around "Caesar" but a higher resolution. In addition, their metadata could provide information about the time and location of the recordings.

The group, which is represented by lawyer Wolfgang Kaleck, the Secretary General of the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR), also filed a criminal complaint against ten named and several unknown leaders of the Syrian secret services, the military police and their prisons.ECCHR General Secretary Kaleck calls for a "systematic review of the acts of Assad's torture regime" in SPIEGEL.

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Bernnie Federko

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Barack Obama, not Donald Trump, sealed Syria’s fate

Obama’s decision not to intervene in Syria then – despite having threatened to do so if President Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, which he did – had much broader consequences than Trump’s move to withdraw U.S. troops is likely to cause now. Had Obama ordered U.S. air strikes, he might have driven al-Assad from power and wiped out IS. But, he was rightly concerned about what might happen following al-Assad’s demise, having presided over the disaster that unfolded in Libya after the United States and its NATO allies, including Canada, intervened to overthrow Moammar Gadhafi in early 2011.” – Konrad Yakabuski