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US Govt lost with "Crack House" cases, here's the next approach...


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So a new bill has just been introduced, here's just one section from it...

in a new bill h.r. 3782 section 305 states...


(a) In General.--The Controlled Substances Act is amended by
inserting after section 416 (21 U.S.C. 856) the following new section:


``Whoever knowingly promotes any rave, dance, music, or other
entertainment event, that takes place under circumstances where the promoter knows or reasonably ought to know that a controlled substance will be used or distributed in violation of Federal law or the law of the place were the event is held, shall be fined under title 18, United States Code, or imprisoned for not more than 9 years, or both.''.
(b) Clerical Amendment.--The table of sections at the beginning of
the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970 is
amended by inserting after the item relating to section 416 the
following new item:
``Sec. 416A. Promoters of drug oriented entertainment.''.

full text of the bill here

There's no way this one will pass, by it stating "other entertainment event" - that basically says that anyone who promotes anything can get in trouble... "where the promoter knows or reasonably ought to know that a controlled substance will be used" - every rap concert, every Phish concert, every rock concert... all at risk... because they "ought" to know that people are gonna smoke weed at those types of events.

lets see..... places in the UK are putting ends to there drug wars, decriminalizing drugs, starting up harm reduction projects instead of jailing people, and my good ole US Government is trying to put people in jail because we "ought to know that a controlled substance will be used" :rolleyes:


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3 cheers for backwards Bush and his war against all evildoers!!

This new law will certainly chase evil out of the U.S.

Keith... my heart goes out to you for living there and putting up with his shenanigans. :)



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that bill will be found to be totally unconstitutional. it has to be. it basically forbids people to organize public gatherings.

Subsonic Chronic

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oops... gotta remember to log johane out...

And I just wanted to add... that I realise that it's probably not Bush himself who authored that crap, but it's one of his cronies, working under his rule.



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If that bill passes then pretty much every concert event could come under scrutiny. People will look at the nature of the music and the length of the event to determine if it is drug oriented entertainment. In a country that allows such a bill to pass it is essentially saying good, clean, citizens listen to Michael Bolton, Celine Dion and Wayne Newton whereas social deviants listen to Phish, BT and Infected Mushroom.

I'm sorry, but that Bill doesn't even pass the giggle test. It would never stand a chance in Canada because of it's infringement on the Charter values of freedom of association and freedom of expression.
There's no way that such a provision, even if it somehow entered our criminal code, would pass the s.1 test [all rights are lsubject to reasonable limits necessary to protect our fundamental values]. Not only does the legislation not address a pressing and substantial societal need, the objective of the legislation is not rationally connected to the evil it seeks to address [people will still do drugs only now you are repressing gatherings based on whether it meets a drug-oriented enetertainment test], and the proportionalitytestt would never be met.
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so i guess they can imprison all high school principals and teachers, cuz there's CRAZY amounts of drugs in high schools....

...and they OUGHT TO KNOW, right?