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us embassy bombed in pakistan,and yet no news, why ?

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not likely. if you were planning on assassinating the president, it wouldn't be wise to blow-up the embassy the day before.


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when i say no news, what im implying is that, it is not in the headlines. We are instead being hounded by other topics
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junglisthead said:
because, bush is headed to pakistan tomorrow, could this attack been a prelude to what MIGHT occur ?

Jesus, you need to relax and stop looking at everything in such a paranoid light. First you say that the embassy was bombed, when in fact it was a bomb that went off *near* the embassy.

An American diplomat is among at least four people killed Thursday in a suicide car bomb blast near the U.S. consulate in Karachi, Pakistan.

Roughly 50 more people were injured in the attack near the parking lot of a Marriott hotel, which is not far from the gate to the consulate.

Then you say that it's not being covered in the news, when you linked an article off CBC.

What are you trying to prove? That the news media is in some big conspiracy because a bomb that went off *near* the US embassy is not being given as high coverage as it should?

OMG... we're practically in Orwell's 1984.
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junglisthead said:
when i say no news, what im implying is that, it is not in the headlines. We are instead being hounded by other topics
Yeah, other "less important" topics like Bush's visit to India on the same day to sign a controversial agreement in which the United States would share nuclear expertise and fuel with India.


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You mean news invented by Bush's staff is more important than news iniated by groups who bombed the US embassy - and yeah, a bomb "near the gates of" the embassy is the embassy being bombed
Unless, of course, the target was actually.... THE PARKING LOT........ OF THE MARRIOTT HOTEL

anyway, you know things are bad when our leaders' news is like an action/adventure movie

Is the bomb a taste of things to come for Bush? What will become of the "nuclear expertise and fuel" he signed over to India? Will they be used for peaceful purposes only, or is Bush being decieved?