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US Blames Canada for mad cow


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Here are four simple solutions to end the prospects of BSE, none of which are terribly radical.

(1) Stop feeding animal matter to herbivores. I'm not a scientist, but common sense dictates that animals subsisting on vegetation would react negatively to the forced introduction of meat in their diet. Besides, the Canadian government's eagerness to protect the beef industry strikingly resembles the British government's reaction in the initial outbreak of BSE: suggest it is an isolated incident and then proclaim its beef industry to be among the safest in the world.

(2) Test every cow that goes to market. As it stands, the US and Canada test less than 1% of culled cattle going to market for BSE. In Europe, 1 out of every 4 cattle is tested. Japan tests all cows. To say this would be an expensive proposition is foolish. A kit for testing BSE costs between US$40 and US$50 per slaughtered cow, amounting to about a cent or so per pound of beef. I am sure that consumers would be willing to pay an extra penny or two to ensure that their food didn't result in seeing them contract a virus that bores holes in their brains.

(3) Stop frequenting fast food chains. The whole reason why factory farming has become salient is due to people's voracious appetite for fast food. Without this demand, factory farming would not be feasible. The reason why McDonald's can serve over 1 billion people is because of factory farming!

(4) Don't privatize tests for BSE. Ralph Klein's government privatized these tests. The end result was that farmers could no longer afford the tests for BSE since the costs associated with these tests shot up dramatically.


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Originally posted by Incrimin8
If you like you can even come over and have your pick of the herd...we'll slaughter it right there for ya!!

Seriously? I'd totally be interested.