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Urgent - Where To Get Audio Hardware?


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We have most of the stuff we need for the weekend, just a few loose strings need to be tied up. We have checked out some of the usual outlets along with our sound & light company in Kingston. We have not yet found a couple of the devices we need, and I thought that some of you could help me.

We need to rent these for this weekend, friday/saturday night to sunday night:

-Roland juno 106

I really appreciate your help!



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They might not have the retro gear. There is this other place in TO that deals with old school gear, but I don't know its name off hand.

Subsonic Chronic

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Steve's music on Queen might have some of it, but L&M is your best bet still.

L&M have two numbers listed on yellowpages.ca




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We found a Nord Lead 3 at Long&McQuade, but none of the other stuff. We're going to try steve's today, But I was wondering about any other places I havent heard of. Do you know any other places I could try?
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