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Urban Records For Sale

DJ Chris Ryan

TRIBE Member
Just some stuff i'm clearing out...all records in mint condition...most not even played more then once.

K-Os - B-Boy Stance
Fat Joe - Gangsta/Born in the Ghetto
Platinumberg - Talkin to Me/Get it Now
Drag-on - Tell Your Friends
I-20 - Fightin in the Club
Fabolus - Now Ride/Make U Mine
Mark Ronson - On the Run
Xzibit - Mutha F*cka
Will Smith - Black Suits Comin
Fabolous - Breathe
The Black Eyed Peas - Dont Funk With My Heart
Shawn desman - Get Ready
Fat Joe - Safe 2 Say
Nas - Just a Moment/These our are Heroes
Daz - Boyz in tha Hood
DJ Kaslay - Who gives a Fuck where your from
Dakota - Street warrior
Raheim Devaughn - Until
Clipse - Pussy
Roscoe - Trouble/Smooth salin/Get flipped
Nappt Roots - Roun the Globe (remixes)
VA - Urban Crossover sampler (Reggaeton Edtion)
DJ Kayslay - The Streetsweeper Vol. 1 (2x12)
Miss B - Bottle Action
Nas - Thief's Theme
Wyclef Jean & Sak Pase - Album??
Jagged Edge - Uptempo Sampler
R Kelley and Jay Z - Dont Let me Die
Lil Jon - Roll Call
Lil Flip - U Neva Know
Youngbloodz - Datz Me
Omarion - Never Gonna Let You Go

$6 per record...deals made to those who buy more...pickup only in the Hamilton area...thanks for looking;)

PM or email me:
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DJ Chris Ryan

TRIBE Member
Just added..

Cory Lee - Goodbye/The Naughty Song
Universal Crossover sampler 11 - S.O.S, Have A party, So Sick + more
The Black Eyed Peas - My Humps (Lil Jon Remix)
Warren G ft. Nate Dogg- I Need a Light/In the Midnite Hour
Ray J ft. Faboulous - One Wish (Remix)


TRIBE Member
how many of these records would be considered top 40 and/or the type of tunes that will make girls shake their asses?

DJ Chris Ryan

TRIBE Member
sorry...dont know...i'm a house DJ...i just get these as promos...some of the artists are on top 40 charts i know...fabulous, black eyed peas, shawn desman (ugh), lil jon, the urban crossover vinyls have top 40 tunes...take your pick...i just want them gone:)

$175 OBO for the whole lot, for those who PM'd about it:)

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