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Upper Deck Tech (tech house)


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deep, dirty, groovy, funky, tech house
hope this finds some happy ears

1. Booka Shade_Body Language (Interpretation Mix)_Get Physical
2. Andy Gramm_Repeat It_(Tovar Dub Mix)_Gramma Rec
3. German Brigante_Valeriana (Ruben Zurita rmx)_Four Peas
4. Lea Luna, Miles Dyson_Hearts Under Fire (Pleasurekraft Mix)_Brandnewvibe
5. Tomoki Tamura, Hideo Kobayashi_Brick House (Milton Jackson rmx)_Apt International
6. Rainer Weichhold_Tango For Noemi_(Sascha Braemer rmx)_Great Stuff
7. Pleasurekraft_Tarantula_Eklektisch
8. Kaiserdisco_Cailon_MBF
9. AG_Useless Sax (F**k Dat Mix)_Gramma Rec
10. Julien Chaptal_Space Bucket_Remote Area
11. Emerson Todd, Tim Green_Exercise_Cocoon
12. Mladen Tomic_Before Sunset_Definitive
13. Ronte Monte Mo_Schmusen Muss Sein_Monaberry
14. Olivier Giacomotto_Back Down_Definitive
15. Levan_FedEx (Subfractal rmx)_FHD
16. Soha, Adam K_Question_Toolroom
18. 2020 Soundsystem_Psycho (Subb-an rmx)_2020 Vision
19. Rei Taak_Ek Tara_(Gepy rmx)_Beiak
20. Analog People in a Digital World_Rose Rouge (Paolo Mojo rmx)_Ego
21. Carlos Sanchez, Dj Ray_Koh Samui_Superfancy
22. Stimming_Melodica_Green
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