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upgrading ram on a sony laptop


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I have a Vaio and am getting increasingly frustrated with it, it has a slow hard drive (expected) crappy shared video memory, and slow ram. but it is a P4 3 ghz.

Anywho i'm looking at getting better and more ram, hoping that it will get me to a level where im not frustrated working with it.

I'm at a loss as to where to go. I bought it at Futureshop but dont want to give them more of my money if I dont have too. And of course being Sony you have to be an authorized dealer to just open the thing.

any suggestions of where to go? and will it, (i'm sure it will) void my super craptacular futureshop extended warranty?

and is it even worth the end result to go through this whole proccess.
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thanks grinch I did pretty much that with your help, though the downtown CComputes has gone kaput I got 2 kingston 512's and am coasting happily

thanks for the help