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Updating BIOS


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So I assembled a new computer. The problem is that the motherboard needs a BIOS update to support the CPU. How can I update it if the computer doesn't start at all? Should I take it to a shop where they can plop a supported CPU in?
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what MOBO and CPU do you have?, you might be able to force a safe setting with a jumper on the mobo
if your computer wont post with your current CPU, then you likely need to find someone with a compatable CPU to do the flash.


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Pardon my ignorance of the PC world, but don't they have bootable floppy flash images for that? I know the server class hardware often does...


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Yes, but my computer wouldn't even start because the MoBo didn't recognize the CPU, so it was just a blank screen. I took it to the shop where I bought the parts and they put a CPU into it that it did support, updated the bios, and now it recognizes my new CPU and it's been working fine now. I'm just going to format and reinstall everything.