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Upcoming events in Halifax


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as stolen from the cherrybomb board:

Sept 30th 2000, Montreal Underground Productions presents, QUANTUM.
HEADLINERS: DJ Sneak, Tiga, XL, DJ Myka, Rob Brown. LOCALS: Jay Hamilton, Nick Nonsense, Scratch Bastard, Rob Burnett, Rosie.
Event runs from 10pm to 10am. Cost is $25 advance (+ $1 service charge) and $30 @ the door. Tickets are on sale @ Revolution Records(Halifax), Loki Clothing(Halifax), North of New York(Halifax), Disc Go Round(Halifax and Dartmouth), Biscuit(Halifax), Gametronics(Dartmouth and Bridgewater), The Market(Wolfville), Outer Limit Sports(PEI), http://www.ticketeast.com
There will also be shuttle busses running from the corner of Spring Garden and South Park in Halifax and from in front of Wheelock Hall @ the Acadia Campus in Wolfville. Busses cot $1 per trip and round trip bracelets are available at all ticket locations. More info can be found on the TOLL-FREE info line 1 866 MUP CREW (687 2739).

Oct 7th 2000, Enlightened Entertainment presents; SUPERFINE.
HEADLINERS: Freddie Fresh, Steve Bath, The Mole of Soul, Scott Arkwell. LOCALS: Zoo, Nick Nonsense, David Anthony, Jay Hamilton, Rob Burnett, Idris, Funk Dub, Rosie, Mike Mathers, Gilleleo.
Event runs from 10pm to 10am. Cost is $20(first 250 @ Revolution Records), $25 after that and $30 @ the door. All $20 and $25 tickets are eligible for a prize draw. Tickets are on sale at Revolution Records, Loki Clothing, North of New York, Biscuit, Disc Go Round(Dartmouth), Gametronics(Dartmouth), Hub Cycle(Truro), Outer Limit Sports, Urban Sound Exchange(Moncton), New York Subs(Moncton), http://www.ticketeast.com
No shuttle buses are listed for this event because it is in the metro area somewhere. More info can be found on the info line (902) 454 2313.

Oct 14th & 21st, Give It To Me Large, Liquid Groove and The League Of Justice present; ESCAPE. HEADLINERS
Oct 14th @ FIRE) Angel Moraes, Miguel Graca, Nav Bhinder, Patrick Dream, Special Guest DJ. (Oct 21st @ ICE) Commander Tom, Marco Dux Baby, SOS/Paladin, DJ Worm, Special Guest DJ. LOCALS: (split between both events) Charife, Nick Nonsense, Danny Newton, Thrills, Funk Dub, Devin Slater, Andy Haigh, Bob Bagnell, Fat devin, Scace, Chemo, Scratch Bastard, DF-1, Kuttin Kraker, Craig Ward, Ryan Blades, Sean Keating.
Both events are @ Electropolis and run from 9pm to 9am. Cost is $30 for both events (available @ Revolution Records only on Sat Sept 23rd, 100 tickets only), $35 for both events(500 tickets only), $20 advance(first 500 tickets only for each party), $25 advance after(for each party) and prices go up @ the door. Tickets are on sale at HMV(Halifax on Saturdays only and Dartmouth), Great Taste Coffee Shop(Halifax), CDPLUS.COM(all metro locations), Revolution Records, Pita Palace(Antigonish), The Market(Wolfville), Urban Sound Exchange(Moncton and Fredericton), Outer Limit Sports (PEI), Tabou Disc(Montreal, PQ), Eastern Bloc Records(toronto, Ont)
On top of all this there are 3 bar nights the week between these two parties that are part of this event. Oct 17th @ Ryan Duffy's Speakeasy, 4 turntable Hip Hop battle for $2 (GITML). Oct 18th @ The Mercury, Jay Hamilton and Trixx for $4 (LG). Oct 19th @ The Attic, Rob Solo for $5 (LOJ).

Oct 28th, 2000, Massive Productions presents; ????????.
Now nothing has been released about this party yet but I do know some details already and all I can say is that this is THE party to be at in the next few months. All I can say is that a hint as to who the headliners are is "Plus 8 Classics Tour", to check the Massive website, http://www.massive-productions.com , in a few days for more info and that flyers should be out next week.
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Quantum was last night, the party went fairly well except for a few flaws.

First off the headliner DJ Sneak did not show.

Secondly the party took place in Windsor, a 1 hour drive from Halifax and the shuttle buses stopped running in the middle of the night despite the "every hour on the hour promise", good thing I was able to get a ride home, hehe.

all and all I would say that the party was fun but there were obviously some problems.

I would rate it 6/10.


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Superfine was last night.

Interesting new venue, a large wharehouse at the back of The West End Mall. The sound in the main room was rather poor due to the echo. The second room was very small and ended up being more of a chill out room.

What is the point of having two rooms when they are both playing techno the whole time? I would have prefered if there was a bit more musical variety.

I would rate this party a 7/10


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I missed fire, as I went to a party in PEI instead but I did make it out to Ice but only to flyer. From what I say it looked like your run of the mill party. Although I didn't really attend the two events so I can't really say for certain. in full based on what I saw I would say for both events:



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"Frenzy" was tonight. The electropolis was used again as the venue. I prefered the one room format with two chill spaces. One of the techno headliners didn't show, I think it was Juan Atkins but I couldn't care less as minimalistic techno isn't my cup of tea. I had a good time and would give the party:

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Next Saturday (Nov. 4) is 'Hardcore Resurrection' (my party). Finally some proper hardcore in Halifax. No more of this cheesy disco house and minimalistic techno.

We have a brand new never before been used venue with a capacity of around 300. We are the only event in Halifax on Sat. Nov. 4 although there are parties both in Antiginish and Moncton. See the "Hardcore in Halifax" post for more info.

In advance I give this event a totally unbiased 10/10


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It seems that I am the "Halifax" forum so if there is anybody who is reading these posts and enjoyinig them let me know or I will stop making the posts as there is no purpose.



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Yo, i just clicked on here to find out what parties in halifax were like. Keep them rolling out, i'm interested in how other scenes are doing. Don't be discouraged about being the only one posting.

unity. -d (toronto)
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