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UP - new Pixar flick


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AWESOME movie. The 3D was great. Really adds another textural layer to watching a film, and I'm glad that they didn't do a lot of gimmicky shit like stuff jumping out at you.

Better than Ratatouille. Not as good as The Incredibles, but that's not surprising. Really loved it.
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Saw it a week or two ago in 3D and really enjoyed it - nice to see that story/plot/etc came first and 3D was an added bonus, not a "zomagad, we have 3D - lets throw stuff in your face!" (like almost every movie in the trailers seemed to be)

But I do agree, the dogs flying airplanes was a bit much ... however, the ongoing squirrel joke did make me chuckle.


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Problem with bringing a kid to see "UP"... if you don't already have a dog, they'll definitely want one by the end of the movie.


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You people have no problem with the concept of an old man flying his house to South America with common helium filled balloons but dogs flying planes is too much of a stretch for you?


I liked the dogs and their sqeaky toy controls. It was cute.
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i think this movie was far superior to Ratatouille.
definitely on the same level as The Incredibles and Wall-E, i.e. AWESOMETOWN.