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UP! Festival


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Just got back from a great afternoon down at Harbourfront. Hung out with many friends, enjoying beautiful house music and beautiful weather.

DJ Heather was spinning some great tracks.

We need for events like this! (i.e. free afternoon, outdoor festivals).

The perfect way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by stanimal:
The perfect way to spend a gorgeous Saturday afternoon.</font>
i could not agree more.

what a wonderful day

to the lady bug crew - thanks for an amazing day!



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Could not agree more!
This Afternoon was by far my favourite afternoon of the summer! From hacking to the lazy bartenders to the sweet, sweet lady bugs

Props to the lady bug crew
(you know who you are)



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I must admit - I had much fun at this event.
It was so nice to see people of all different races and ages coming together for the love of house music.
The vibe there was really tight, and I saw lots of people!

The music was definatly kickin. I was dancing so much - and enjoying myself in the warm summer sunny day!
At times I was kicking myself in the ass for forgetting my sunglasses. And others, for forgetting my sweater in the car (nip-ons whut!?)
Did anyone see the incredible HUGE dog on the other side of the bridge?!? Holy shit - he was fucking big.
The restaurant on the other side of the bridge fucking sucked toO. Slow service, and rude waiters. *scoff* last time they get my business.
All in all - I had a fan-tabulous day.'
Beautiful festival , with beautiful music.
I'm glad I came out and supported!!
I toOk a bunch of pictures.... and here they are *some of them are fuzzy - so don't mind the crappy-ness*:

^myself trying on hats/shirts and Erynn^

^me, atom and erynn lookin funky in tha hats^

^the huge ass dog^

^shann and the really scary girl we think was a hooker^

^atom eating nachos at the crappy restaurant^

^sunne and corey KISSING!?!^

^shann and me booty dancing^


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I had a wicked time. Walked around and dicovered that artist who had all his oil paintings up- and I looked at his work for a long time- I was really into it!
I danced around the back waiting for friends to show up and then started running into friendly/familiar faces everywhare- very nice chillin' atmosphere.
The tune were awsome- I was really into Amtraks set early on in the night- Girl DJ's are the best.

The was the perfect was to spend an afternoon. Sitting around eating popsicles- meeting relaxed people- dancing and sitting on the grass drawing in my sketch book.

Cheers to everyone I met

"Techno DJ's do it deeper"
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True Blue

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What an afternoon.... lots of friends, lots of alcohol and sex music. Did no one see the performances at the main stage later on the night... Martha was amazing vocalist but then it got all weird when she started singing "its raining men".

Props to the old couples serving me up on the dance floor never have i felt so much shame. And to all the cute old couples, and lets not forget the gay couples kid holy shit is he cute or what. I think this event calls for a pic thread... Do it up Tina....


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what a great party!! the music was perfect for the setting

at one point when the sun was shining on the grassy field area, and people were dancing i thought, this is perrrrrrfect. all i needed was a spliff D

and the food!!! wow!!! mad props for the food



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Ohhh what a sexy sexy afternoon..

Such an amazing day. The weather was perfect, the music was soooo sweet, the alcohol was flowing, the people were amazing.....

Too bad most of you left before it progressed itself over to the main stage with Kerri Chandler. Kerri threw down such a sweet set. Followed of course by the amazing vocal stylings of the one and only Martha Wash. I've been waiting so long to hear her live...she was enchanting. It's Raining Men WAS disturbing though. Roy Davis Jr. is GOD for dropping that Bob Marley remix. His set was nice and sweet and got me moving even though i was soo tired. Much respect goes out as well to Gryphon (mmmm) and Jason Hodges for a great set as well earlier on in the day. I wish i got there a bit earlier to catch Nick Holder and DJ Heather.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Props to the old couples serving me up on the dance floor never have i felt so much shame. And to all the cute old couples, and lets not forget the gay couples kid holy shit is he cute or what. </font>

Omg, every time i turned around there was something else that was making my heart melt!! The amazing old couples embraced and dancing...the little kid photographer... ahhh so perfect.
Much respect goes out to the 50-something year old half-nekkid guy busting all kinds of crazy moves out on the dance floor...he's my boyfriend you know.

I think one of the most up!lifting things about this weekend was seeing sooo many people, of all different backgrounds, ages, styles, colours, etc, all having an amazing time chilling outdoors and absorbing the amazing sounds of house. That's what it's all about.

What an amazing, refreshing day.

Pictures from it are gunna be in the general forum.

Anyone who missed out, sucks to be you!



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Wick wick wicked!

What a greeat place, day, time to hold an event like that! Miguel Graca rocked! people were dancing barefoot on the grass, and there were these two 6 year old kids dancing full on! It was great! I had a fantastic sober time. Kerri Chandler was booming too... I just have two questions:

1. Where were the triberz? All I saw were Joey and Tina (KiX?)

2. what is that song Miguel G and Kerri C spun, "Do you want it, and if you had it would you flaunt it" Massive tune! I must have it!

Unfortuately a bad mushroom trip ruined my night at the RNB party at Sunnyside

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It was nice to be out in the sun with so many smilin' faces-even tho a homeless guy came by and tried to take our stuff! We let him take a lighter and a smoke tho-there were a quite a few wacky peeps...

Sounds like we left too soon. I was there from 4-7, and wasn't too impressed with the sets. I admit I'm kinda picky about what house music I like tho. But whaddya want for free, eh?

I had brough food to donate, but my efforts were hampered by a series of suggestive directions as to were to go. So where was it?

Regardless-enjoyed a beautiful time out and about.

J--&gt;thinks a donation box/stand clearly marked is a good idea next time..


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What a beautiful day for house music. I really liked "The message is Love" cards that the UP people were handing out, that filled me with so much positivity that I had to get up and dance. And dance I did, until I reduced the grass beneath me to what looked like green chutney (sorry grass). It was nothing but happiness seeing everybody united in house music: all races, families, the old and young. The cutest kids were running around, that brought a smile to my face. There was one track that I heard at least 3 times, it was the 3rd last song in Roy Davis Jr's set. It has a really exuberand trumpet riff in the song, bada dada da, bada dada da, bada dada dada da. Anyone know what I'm talking about, such a good song, I need to know what it's called! I went alone, but it didn't matter, house united us all



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by echootje:
2. what is that song Miguel G and Kerri C spun, "Do you want it, and if you had it would you flaunt it" Massive tune! I must have it!

Roy dropped it too. I've never found out what it is though?



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My one problem with the party was I notcied that almost every DJ played that same track.. not even remixe's. It was the same track.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">I think one of the most up!lifting things about this weekend was seeing sooo many people, of all different backgrounds, ages, styles, colours, etc, all having an amazing time chilling outdoors and absorbing the amazing sounds of house. That's what it's all about.</font>
Yes! Thats what I loved about the UP! Fetival! Everyone there was interesting and fun to talk to. I felt very.... at home and at peace there.

"Techno DJ's do it deeper"
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my daysleeper ass rolled down to up around 7, just as they were closing the small stage by the grass. however, kerri, martha and roy grabbed my us with an assault down to the main stage. roy just topped it all off with the funk set. pretty kickin soundsystem for an outdoor event by the water.
kerri gets points for sneaking in 'plastic dreams' into the set while working the EQ like there's no tomorrow.

for you ppl who went to this crap restaurant (where ever it was) why didn't you get some of the
great food that was under the big tent?

Klubmasta Will

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incredible afternoon. had to leave before roy davis jr's set because we had a date with lord stanley.

great to see everyone as usual.


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Great weather, wicked crowd, tasty food, phenomenal location! What a Saturday! Saw so many Tribe peeps. Pure old skool classics. Albert Assoon dropped bombs, and Kerri Chandler had the main stage jumpin'! Hearing Martha Wash sing Black Box's "Ride on Time" live was quite a treat. It's going to be tough to top this event next year. Respect to UP^^!


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it was a pretty fun afternoon. got there around 6:30. caught the end of Miguel Graca's set, it was pretty good. Kerri Chandler was rockin. it was kind of weird. me and my friends took off for a spliff when kerri came on and there was hardly anybody on the dancefloor. when we got back, it was rockin. roy davis spun a crazy set. all in all, it was a great afternoon.


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what a great venue for a perfect day...music was solid all day long, but perhaps it could be renamed "the black box tribute festival
"...really enjoyed alberts old school house set (bringing back many memories)...i distinctly remember hearing someone say "its not even a remake" when albert started his set with a little everybody, everybody (or was it ride on time???)...

great sets all around by dj heather, amtrak, kerri chandler & roy davis jr (& everyone who played/performed)..it was great talking to many of the tbk/tbc/la board crew de tribe in a more social setting...food in the tent was excellent (sampled a few different plates)...& of course the beer flowed smoothly all day long...

so an incredible day, & for total overall atmosphere, music, crowd, & friendly faces, one of my fav parties of the year to date...although i'm sure sunnyside was fun...


ps i hear they've booked silver robot & fleaflo for 6 decks next year...
hope to see everyone at grind this saturday...
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Wow. What a beautiful day for a beautiful event. Why more people didn't show up I will never know. People complain about prices of tickets to clubs all the time, but when a free party comes along - no one shows. Don't get me wrong, there were quite a few people there, but please, do not tell me this is the amount of partiers in T.O.

Anyway, stepped in during DJ Heather's set - my favourite of the day by far. Every dj played a really dope set - Gryphon vs. Jason Hodges gets an honourable mention.

It was good to see so many familiar faces, as well as faces I haven't seen in ahwile - and of course the new faces - smiley jo (finally had a chance to meet ya) and svet. I know there are a few others, but my mind's a blur.

Thanks to the organizers of the UP! Festival for putting on yet another spectacular event. I gave my little donation to keep these parties alive - did you give yours??!!

Anyway, if there any other promoters wanting to throw another free outdoor party, please tell me - I'll be there.

Oh yeah, cheezwiz - you're a nerd




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This was indeed the highlight of the weekend. I got there just as DJ Heather came on, and I can't think of a better way to spend a sunny saturday afternoon. Albert Assoon took me back to the old days, especially when he dropped A Guy Called Gerald's Voodoo Ray. Left at 7ish to change, shower etc but made it back for Roy Davis Jr.'s set. Incredible day/night - [wishful thinking] outdoor weekend festivals should be thrown on a regular basis. [/wishful thinking]


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hey..where and when was that guy called gerald and terrence parker gig anyway? was that this weekend too?

as it is

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it was a perfect day for the party to go down...i had so much fun chillin in the sun and watching the party come together&gt;

lets have more outdoor day partieS!!! think of the venue possibilities...

the toronto jazz festival will be in the middle of university north of queen!!!

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