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UofT party @ Atlantis March 1?


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we managed to get there for Telefunk Soundsystem's set and that got me groovin to some mad organic (for the lack of a better term) beats..

i must say that the nite belonged (in my minds eye) to AREA 2 - PSYCHEDELIC RESPIRATION despite the technical glitches. i mean the vibe was soo thick and palpable that when the music stopped (technical glitch) it was like we were caught doing something we werent supposed to.. whatever happened to reefer decree? i was under the impression that they were supposed to do a live PA set. oh vell..

hmmmm, it was an interesting venue (by itself). i had a blast watching people step on the rotating dancelfoor *especially when they were not paying attention to where they were putting their foot down :D.. ya i know its juvenile but still funny!* security was really high (there was a security guard in the washroom!) and the heat was really cranked in the psy room.

despite everything though, i still had a wikkid time but, i will think twice about going to another gig at that venue.

love and laughter,



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Holy belated review, but I went so here it is.

Getting there was a pain in the ass, but I met some really cool people on the way there. The infoline said buses were departing from nathan phillips, but the flyer said buses were departing from campus. Thinking the infoline was more up to date, I wait at nathan phillips and freeze for an hour. that hour was made a whole lot more bearable by talking to others that got caght in the same messup as me. So, 1 am rolls by and we decide to split a cab.

I missed telefunk! I was really looking forward to hearing that, but I arraived as DJ Chocolate was spinning. I noticed a helluva lot of first year U of T students in the main room. This was both a good thing and a bad thing, as those new to the music weren't really dancing, but out of all those new people there were probably some that liked what they were hearing and liked the atmosphere of a party. I felt the vibe was kinda diluted though, and I didn't really get into it until around 2, where the people that decided this wasn't their cup of tea left. Souljah threw down a good set, but my feet just couldn't keep up so I went upstairs for some slower psy-trance beats.

I also missed the live PA upstaris, but I was told it didn't go off anyways due to technical difficulties. I noticed a lot of psy-trance regulars here, and they kept the room going strong til 5am. It seems the people that specifically went for the music ended up here, as the main room had only about 10 people in it for the rest of the night. There was a nice tight vibe upstaris, with the glass walls covered in black light tapestries. I felt much more at home here, and stayed upstairs for the rest of the night.