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unreleased trance


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Hi Folks!

I've been silent for quite awhile, but I'm back now and will hopefully follow this board like I used to.

Anyways, anybody know of any good trance parties coming up in the Toronto area? I'd even be willing to go to Montreal.

ALSO, if you're interested in hearing some progressive/melodic/epic trance that I wrote please check out http://www.mp3.com/didymos

As always, comments are welcome. Let me know what you think!


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I like it a lot
Love the layers. The melodies work really well together.

Only complaint is that the bass kicks could be a lot harder.

What programs do you use?


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Hey Guys!

Hehehe...thanks for the compliments Chiclet...yeah...I think some of the tracks have to be re-equalised...grr. I need more accurate monitors. =P

Anywayz...as for software, I use Digital Orchestrator Pro for my sequencer...and the rest is hardware...alot of Korg equipment...as Deus knows.
Korg rulez! =)

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If you still live in the Oshawa area, there's always NepTune Studios to do your mixdown in.

Patrick DSP


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Yup...I'm downtown now! =) But I still work near the 'shwa...so I'm around there often enough. =P

Anyways...maybe sometime soon I'll pick up a pair of NS10s.
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I'm not kidding.

Astral projection, right here in ontario.

Late April.

More info (and flyer) to be posted later.

I cant wait.
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