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Unknown songs!!!


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Alright I've heard a few songs that I just can't figure out the names of, and am wondering if the people of the prog forum can figure them out. :D

Anyhelp is greatly appreciated, for those that listen you should be able to just click the links and download the clips. If that doesn't work I would suggest right clicking and then hitting "save as".

I've also encoded the clips at 96kbps to make them smaller to download.

This song is taken from Sasha & Digweed's set on MTV2 at New Years this year:
Unknown Sasha & Digweed Tune

This song is taken from a set by Steve Lawler on Radio 538 (02-16-2002)
Unknown Steve Lawler Tune

And finally this song is taken from Dj Three's set on John Digweed's KISS FM show from (21-12-2001)
There is a tracklisting for the show at KISS FM Tracklistings
Unknown Dj Three Tune



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I've got one down now thanks to the user "daddyfire" on the GU board!

The unknown Sasha & Digweed tune is...
*drum roll*

Switchkraft - Whitenoise (On Kingsize Records)


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Another one down!!! Only one more to go!!

Thanks to a non-registered (as of yet) tribe reader!

The sample from the Steve Lawler set is....

The Program - Love & Affection (Mike Monday Remix)