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Uninstalling programs that won't uninstall


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i installed the .net beta a few months ago, and the fucker keeps crashing before beginning the uninstall.
i'm trying to install the full release but i can't do it until i get rid of the beta.

anyone know a way to force windows to uninstall a program ?

i'm using 2000 Pro
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Go to regedit


go through the entries in there, for the top {xxxxxxxxxx} entries look to the right side and see if you see any affiliate with .net - delete those keys...

uhhh, to do a complete clean install you'd have to find yourself a computer with win2k, install Inctrl5 and then track the installation and what files/reg entries it has - then use the log that program creates to use on Inctrl5 on your computer to get rid of all traces of that thing.