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Undersound Assault Fridays, Barrie


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2 weeks and the DV8 crew still running strong...

January 23

T.A.P. (Mississauga - Round Table Records)
DJ Penthaus (Brampton - PHB Recordings)
Triple 4 (Brampton - PHB Recordings)
also, a hip hop performance by the L.O.D. crew

January 30

The Lorax (Barrie - DV8, Contraband Recordings)
Parabolic (Barrie - DV8, Contraband Recordings)

these guys are the masterminds behind Barrie's first up and coming dnb record label, Contraband Recordings, mad respect to these guys for tearing the place down at the New Year's party, watch out for these guys, they may just make you go insane with their crazy amens and terrible rumbling basslines

also, a hiphop performance by Net Prophets

As well, we have rotating residents...

Rickie Dee
Low Profile
The Lorax
Ozma + Hapenstance

This new dnb night will be located every Friday night at Sports + Leisure, 110 Dunlop St. W. in Barrie
19+ cru, NO COVER
18 and under massive, $4
for more info, call the infoline 705-796-FUNK

Brought to you by:

Lucky Devil
Contraband Recordings
Tag Tech Productions

Watch out for "Cardiac Arrest", Valentine's Day bash
February 14, 2004
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