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Underground Missile Facility For Sale

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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2nd best thing I've ever seen posted on ebay. The first was a hands-free phone development tool...turned out to be an elastic band used to fix your cell around your head.
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The Electrician

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The best thing I saw that someone sold was a New Folder...

Like when you go right click on your desktop and goto New... then click folder...

yes... a New Folder...

they sold it for $5.00

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there was also a Blue Angels F-18 for sale on E-Bay yesterday, complete with a spares package including an engine :)

the missile silo would be great fun.

Maybe that's where Michael Jackson will move his Neverland Ranch to? :D



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imagine the party...

Yeah, these have been up for sale for a couple years at least now -- I remember seeing them on eBay a while back.

Imagine the party you could have down there?!

I'm in -- all I need is another $3,949,990.00 USD...


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Originally posted by Lurker
there was also a Blue Angels F-18 for sale on E-Bay yesterday, complete with a spares package including an engine :)

the missile silo would be great fun.

Maybe that's where Michael Jackson will move his Neverland Ranch to? :D


nah, he's broke now


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Re: imagine the party...

Originally posted by scatterBrains
Yeah, these have been up for sale for a couple years at least now -- I remember seeing them on eBay a while back.

Imagine the party you could have down there?!

I'm in -- all I need is another $3,949,990.00 USD...

You think there are enough tribers to pool on it?
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Thanks for your interest.

The main entrance into the facility is via a personnel entry portal
hatch, that, when closed, is flush with the surface. The hatch probably
weighs several tons. With the door/hatch open, one would decend down two
flights of stairs and pass through a 4" thick blast door (this door was
partially removed but most of it is there to repair back into original
condition, if so desired. Upon passing through this blast door, one would
enter the 6 story deep entry portal building. A stairway winds down around
a freight elevator shaft. This freight elevator orignally came to the
surface by opening two large silo doors that probably weigh about 50 tons
each. TGhe elevator was removed decades ago. A new elevator car could be
re-installed, if so desired. At the bottom of the entry portal there was a
HUGE blast door about 16' wide by 7' tall by 16" thick. This blast door has
been removed, so that immediately upon descending the stairs you enter
directly into the main tunnel passage way.

This property is 30 minutes freeway driving from Moses Lake ,
Washington. It is also about 1 1/2 hrs. West of Spokane, Washington. It is
very secluded and remote but still only ten minutes from Interstate 90.

I do not understand what you mean by "water chip"? Water is provided to
the property by a private well.

The original, 1950's era, 4 - million watt generators were removed in
1965. The property is served by the local electrical utility company. High
voltage power lines run into the property and various buildings are
connected to this. A back-up generator could easily be installed if one
desired one.

Please understand - this facility was built between 1959 and 1962. It
took 2 1/2 yrs. to build. It was active for only two and 1/2 years when it
became obsolete due to the completion of newer Titan 2 ICBM's. Most all
orignal 1950's vintage equipment was removed in the mid 1960's. Hydraulics
to operate entry portal doors, antenna silo doors and missile silo doors
could be reinstalled with new modern equipment at any time - as needed or
wanted. Orignally, there were seven elevators in the facility. Some of
these could be re-installed, if wanted.

What we have is a HUGE underground complex built of steel and concrete
up to 14 feet thick, which is capable of suviving a One megaton nuclear
blast (equal to 155 Hiroshima bombs!!!) within three thousand feet - and
survive. These buildings have the capability of lasting tens of thousands
of years!!!! When a new use is designed for one or more of the buildings,
the HVAC, electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, etc. will need to be
installed based upon the new intended use of the buildings.

When the facility was in operation as an ICBM base, the government ran
the generators 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. The computer equipment took
up a whole floor. There were 12" water lines running to the missile silos
for emergency fire control. They had two redundant 6 story hardened
buildings complete with 50 ton silo doors just to house the back up
hydraulically operated antennas. ETC, ETC. Obviously, today we probably
do not need massive back up antennas, or rooms full of old computer

This property was formerly known as Larson Air Force Base Titan 1 ICBM
Complex 1A. It is located about 30 miles from Moses Lake, Washington - about
an hour and a half West of Spokane, Washington. There were only 18 Titan 1
sites built. They took 2 1/2 years to build (1959 - 1962). The government
spent millions and millions to build these huge underground complexes. All
the earlier Atlas sites and all the newer Titan 2 and Minutemen sites are
tiny compared to these. Of the Titan 1 sites built, this is the best for
several reasons: Best secluded location. 360 degree views. Privacy. Few
neighbors. Easy county government to work with.
Inspected by US Corps of Engineers for contamination. And probably most
importantly - THIS IS A DRY COMPLEX. NO Groundwater leakage. Our groundwater
level is about 500 feet below the lowest floor. Every other similar facility
is either UNDERWATER or has major water leakage. Many of the other sites are
either contaminated, ruined, still on military bases or all of the above.

It takes a good two hours to take a introductory tour of the underground. It
would probably take all day to see all the rooms in all of the buildings. If
you want more information just call me at (949) 716-0464 and I'll be happy
to tell you anything you want to know.

Here is a breakdown of estimated dimensions of the underground buildings:

1. Power Dome - 125' X 70' dome center. One main floor at main tunnel level,
which is about ten feet above the actual bottom of the Power Dome Building.

2. Control Dome - 100' X 50' dome - has second floor up about twenty feet
from main floor.

3. Entry Portal Buildng - 30' diameter X 6 stories, has large freight
elevator shaft that opens to surface (with hydraulics and elevator
re-installed) also has stairway around elevator shaft.

4. Two Antenna Silos - 30' diameter, 6 stories tall. Both buildings
identical. Has floor at tunnel level and another floor below. Original
suspension bracket still in place. This thing is huge and weighs tons but
you can move it easily with your hand. It is mounted to the walls near the
top of the building and hangs down on huge springs. Entry to each building
through blast door.

5. Air Intake Building - 60' diameter 20' ceiling. Has 16' diameter airshaft
in center of building that opens to surface. Floor about twenty feet above
existing power Dome Main Floor. Access to Power Dome via about a 30' - 50'
tunnel. Standing at this tunnel, looking down on the power dome with a view
across to the Air Exhaust Building tunnel, is the best underground view in
the facility.

6. Air Exhaust Building - 30' - 40' diameter(?) same as Air Intake building
only smaller.

7. Three Missile Silos - All identical. About 40' X 155' deep from the
surface. 108' to bottom from the main tunnel level. Other Silo access from
tunnel to Equipment Terminal building and another tunnel to the Ex-Fuel
Terminal Building. Two silos pretty well empty. One with about 80' (?) of
rocket holding structure.

8. Three Equipment Terminal Buildings - All Identical. Four stories. 40'
diameter (?). From tunnel level, one floor above and two below. Had small
personel elevators. Would need new elevators if wanted.

9. Three Fuel Terminal Buildings, all identical. 30' diameter X 20' ceiling
height. These are the worst buildings. When they removed equipment decades
ago they did not re-seal an outside door. Over the decades rain water has
leaked in. They also used these buildings to dump fiberglas insulation and
other junk. Structurally, super strong, but very messy. Between the Missile
Silos and the Fuel Terminal Building there is about an 8' diameter shaft
that goes up to the surface. This shaft was used for fueling the rockets.
These shafts might be used as emergency exits or ? , depending on your

There are also two 30,000 gallon water tanks located off the main tunnel
near the entrance. They are in good condition and probably only need cleaned
and re-coated on the inside. There are aso many "rooms" where tunnels join.
I have not included any of these "rooms" or the tunnels themselves.
Depending on your needs these areas could be used for floor space. There is
also suppose to be a large fuel tank off the main tunnel. I do not know for
certain its size, but my guess is that it is probably 30,000 gallons also. I
have never taken off the cap to look inside so I do not know its condition,
but it is probably in good condition and probably could be used as it is. It
had a separate small shaft to the surface to fill it.

Off the tunnel that connects the Power Dome and the Air Exhaust Buiding
there were three gigantic fuel tanks that supplied fuel to the 4 megawatt
power generators. When the site was scrapped these fuel tanks were removed.
The contractor left a huge pit where these tanks were located. It would be
easy to add another large underground building in this location since it is
already excavated. This excavation also provides access to this tunnel from
the surface by driving vehicles down to it. It also gives us an emergency
escape should it be needed. The bottom line is that you can currently drive
to within 30' of the Power Dome. This could be useful depending on your

We have an set of blueprints for nearly every building and a topo of the
entire property. There are literally hundreds of pages of actual original
drawings. It takes a large special file to hold them all. The original
drawings are the size of a desk top. It is not practical to reduce themdown
to a size that I could email. Anyone wishing a showing of the property can
inspect these drawings on site.

Other info: The site is located about 1/4 mile off the county road. This
access is paved and lined with Poplar trees. Also, there is about a half
mile, paved loop that runs along the surface from the antenna silos to the
entry portal and then around to the three missile silos. After forty years
this pavement is still in good condition, though it could use some
maintenance. The site may have sufficient wind conditions to produce power
via wind farming.

If one wanted to develop a lodging facility many of the buildings or
could be very unique "guest" rooms. Depending on one's desires, the place
could accommodate dozens and dozens, possibly hundreds. It could be
destination as there are no other lodging or eating establishments within a
half hours drive. Depending on how elaborate one wanted to get, one of the
silos could be a 155' tall, indoor, underground rock climbing room. Another
silo could be a 100' deep saltwater "living" SCUBA training pool. The power
dome is large enough for a gymnasium and/or meeting hall. The Control dome
could house a kitchen and eating facility or more rooms. We could add a
tower to the entry portal building and place a small restaurant on the top
with views of hundreds of miles in all directions. Each of the two antenna
silo buildings could be large suites with the silo doors retrofitted to open
up creating a huge skylight. The above ground property could be scattered
with private cabins, sports fields, go cart tracks, etc. There is probably a
possibility of acquiring other property if one wanted a golf course or lake
or horse riding trails, etc.

Anything else you'd like to know? Are you interrested in a tour?

Thanks again for your interest,
Bari Hotchkiss


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Finally, one could use the "Welcome to my underground lair" line without a hint of irony.

If I bought it I'd spend all my time re-enacting Day of the Dead.


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Originally posted by Brandon
Finally, one could use the "Welcome to my underground lair" line without a hint of irony.

If I bought it I'd spend all my time re-enacting Day of the Dead.

If you do can I play the role of Bub?