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underground history

why not

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this article got posted on another board, but i thought it would be good to bring to you guys.
not sure when it was written, but it provides great detail about the formative years of dance music.
if you want to know where this all came from, this tells the story with the voices of those who were there.


as well, here's a follow up to the original story, written in 2001:

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

why not

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Bumbaclat said:
they can't seriously expect me to read that scanned article can they? I'd have more luck trying to read a newspaper underwater.

it is kind of hard to read - i wonder what it looks like if i post the jpegs?





edit: that's not so bad, but still kind of hard on the eyes.





Surfer Joe

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Really enjoyed this article, even if I did masochistically read the original instead of the transcription. Very inspiring stuff though and good to get more details on names and places that I'd heard about. Also made me want to get some of the music listed. I found this cool:

''He invented the technique of slip-cueing; holding the disc with his thumb whilst the turntable whirled beneath, insulated by a felt pad. He'd locate with an earphone the best spot to make the splice, then release the next side precisely on the beat... his tour de force was playing two record simultaneously for as long as two minutes at a stretch.He would superimpose the drum break of 'I'm A Man' over the orgasmic moans of Led Zeppelin's 'Whole Lotta Love' to make a powerfully erotic mix... that anticipated the formula of bass drum beats and love cries... now one of the cliches of the disco mix..."

I want to buy turntables now. Me likey the mash up.
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why not

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i did notice one error in this article - it was Tom Moulton who came up with the idea of the 12" single, not Doug Riddick as Jellybean says in his interview.